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January 2022

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a small town, then you know what it's like to know and be known.  You may have gone all through school with the same people and wherever you went, even as a child, you were recognized.  If alongside of growing up in a small town, you were blessed enough to be part of a large family, that increased the number of people that you and your family knew from being involved at school, sporting activities and church.  My parents had their children over almost 18 years.  That meant that our mother had a lot of years of knowing a huge number of kids and parents.  How our mom used that information, was to connect everyone when she related seeing someone, talking with people at her job with the school district or if she heard happy or sad news about anyone.  There was no quick sentence about having seen someone.  She needed to connect people for you and everyone else.  How she would explain one of these meetings or conversations was, I saw John (so and so) today, you remember him.  He married Linda, from over on Williams Lane.  Linda had the younger twin brothers that were in (one of the five of us) class at school.  Remember the taller one played some sport (with one of my brothers) and his girlfriend used to live two streets over.  Since 10 of her 12 grandchildren, and so far, 11 great grandchildren, also grew up here, these conversations became known as a "Grandmom Story".

As I was thinking about how important the information is that comes to us from the Annual Cooperating Church Reports, I realized that knowing a good phone number to reach your pastor, how many people are in your congregation, if you have a full time or part-time pastor, if you're presently without a pastor and if there were any baptisms in your church, is a lot like the details of a Grandmom Story.  We're able to make connections from this information.  We want to be connected to every congregation and pastor.  We are all part of the American Baptist Churches of PA & DE family.  Healthy families celebrate together, they support each other, they know each other's interests and they want good things for each other.  God's design for birth families and church families has all the same components.  I hope you will consider this letter as an invitation to re-connect with your regional American Baptist family.  We want to know you and you to know the rest of your family in meaningful ways that make our shared ministry, all that God intended.

Please fill out the hard copy of your annual report for 2022 that was mailed to you and return it to ABCOPAD; 159 N. Bellefield Avenue; Pittsburgh, PA 15213 or go online to the web site at the link below and submit your church's information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Denise Veselicky (888) 687-0883 or me (800) 932-9442

Thank you for your part in this important ministry.

Caryl Casey

ABCOPAD Treasurer

Downloadable Information

7 Reasons Why
Your Church Should Create an Annual Report

by Will Mancini,
Founder and Team Leader of Auxano

If you do not have a copy of your church's annual report form, you can obtain the log in information you require by contacting

Denise Veselicky
(888) 687-0883


Caryl Casey
(800) 932-9442


It is possible for you as a church leader to view your church's information contained in the American Baptist Churches Information System.  Information is available at the American Baptist Churches Information System (ABCIS) website.  (

To access the ABCIS website you will need to request a username and password from Caryl Casey, ABCOPAD Treasurer.  Email Caryl at  or call (800) 932-9442.  Requests will be processed as quickly as possible.  Once you have your username and password, you will be able to log into the ABCIS website and view your church information.  Security is set up so you can only view your own church data.  Once you enter the ABCIS website, it is recommended that you start at the Report Center.  If you have questions about the website contact Caryl Casey EMAIL or Mark Mahserjian-Smith EMAIL for assistance.


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Annual Report Forms and Information

The Annual Report collects statistical, leadership, and financial information. The data is widely used for variety of purpose, including:

  • Determining the number of ABC Biennial Delegates for your church
  • Regional and national directories
  • Statistical reporting both within ABC and in inter-denominational publications 
  • Congregational Profile reports for pastoral search committees 
  • Per capita calculations for financial reports and recognitions
Our entire denomination benefits from having the most accurate information possible on our congregations.

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You may use the on-line forms to submit your Church Information.
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  1. The website of reacts best if accessed by internet explorer.
  2. The person filling out the form online MUST have a copy of the church's annual report form to access the website.  They are asked for the church's pin number but more importantly they must use the church leadership pin to access the login.  This means that if a church has any leadership listed, they must use that leadership pin.
  3. If a church does not have any leadership listed, they are able to use ABCOPAD's (the Region's Pin).  This number will NOT work for them if they have a leadership pin available.  Contact Caryl Casey, Denise Veselicky, or Mark Mahserjian-Smith to assist with leadership pin number.

If you have question please call Caryl Casey or Denise Veselicky using the contact information listed above.