American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

A Community at Worship

A year-long worship experience to help your congregation explore
the theology, culture, and practice that guides your worship.


For a congregation to experience the fullness of worship it must learn to speak a common worship language. This starts with that congregation’s unique set of worship norms: their worship practices, their worship culture, and their theology of worship.

PRACTICES are the logistical realities of planning for and executing a worship service.

CULTURE refers to the patterns, rhythms, and history your community has developed over time, as well as the broader context in which your congregation exists.

Finally, THEOLOGY speaks to how an understanding of God, scripture, and the call to follow Jesus shape what we believe about worship. In particular, how a community decides if it worships well and in a way that honors God.


Workshop 1 – Discerning your Congregation’s Unique Theology, Culture, and Practice of Worship
Workshop 2 – Communicating your Congregation’s Unique Worship Norms
Workshop 3 – Living Into Your Community’s Unique Worship Culture

For more information, visit: A Community At Worship 

Pastor Dan Nicewonger

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Dr. Chris Wells

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