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Through a contract with  MinistryLinq, a company that processes on-line financial transactions, we are able to offer an opportunity to support Regional ministry through on-line donations. Click on the link below to make an on-line donation.

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 Make an Online Payment

The On-line Donation or Payment Form will open in a new separate window.  You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker to access the form. Remember to check "Yes" for terms and "Submit" on the Confirmation Page to complete the transaction.


How does on-line giving work? 

 MinistryLinq is a company that offers ministries the ability to process on-line financial transactions.  ABCUSA and the Christian Community Credit Union developed a relationship with MinistryLinq and through this relationship, MinistryLinq is able to offer services to related ministry organizations at a discounted rate.

MinstryLinq maintains a secure web site where on-line financial transactions take place.  The company also handles each individual's financial information adhering to strict guidelines set forth by the federal government.  MinistryLinq will maintain and secure credit card or electronic check information for individual donors.

MinistryLinq has an excellent reputation, a proven history and currently services many ministries and organizations including: ABCUSA,   Campus Crusade for Christ, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Youth with a Mission (YWAM), and many more

All financial contributions are processed by MinistryLinq and then deposited into our Christian Community Credit Union account for our distribution to your intended ministry recipients.  We pay a monthly fee for this service and a small transaction fee for each donation.

Why is this being offered?

 We recognize the growing number of people who want to contribute to ministry via their credit card or other electronic banking vehicles.  It is our hope that this tool will make it easier for these individuals to support ministries they feel are important.

Why do I need to submit my email address and create a password?

 We need an individual's email address to be able to send a confirmation receipt of your gift.  All other information collected is also necessary to process your on-line transaction.  Currently the password helps identify you in the MinistryLinq system.  The password allows MinistryLinq to recognize who you are and save you from re-entering all your contact information.  If you forget your password you can simply create a new password and re-enter your contact information.  In the future it will be important to remember your password, as new software, currently in the development stage will offer donors a chance to look at a history of their giving on-line.

Does my church get mission credit for my on-line donation?

 Yes.  If you include your church's pin number (Contact your Minister, your Area Minister or a Regional Staff Member for that number), your church will receive credit for your gift.  Enter your church's pin number in the Donor ID field. 

Can I give to any American Baptist Ministry I choose?

Yes! On the mission giving page, just type in the missionaries' names or institutions if it's for targeted or specific giving.

You can also give to any of our 5 major annual offerings (below), as well as United Missions.


Partners In Ministry


Disaster Relief Fund

United Mission

United Missions


America For Christ

One Great Hour Of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing

World Mission Offering

World Mission Offering

Retired Ministers Missionaries Offering

Retired Ministers
and Missionaries Offering

If there is a specific category under one of the five major offerings, list that specific item in the comments section of the on-line donation form. For example, a contribution could be made to One Great Hour of Sharing; then, in the comments section of the form, a donor could include "Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort". In the event that the specified category is not one recognized by the system, your gift will be applied to the General Offering selected on the on-line donor form.

Will I receive a hard copy receipt of my donation for tax purposes?

 Yes.  A hard copy receipt will be sent to you.  Receipts will be sent shortly after the close of each month''s missions processing cycle, usually concluding around the 8th of each month.

Who do I call if I have questions?

 Caryl Casey is our Regional Treasurer and will be happy to assist you.

Mrs. Caryl J. Casey
407 Madison Avenue
Hatboro PA 19040-3296
800-932-9442 (o)
Fax: 215-328-6013

Click on the link below to make an on-line donation

Make On-Line Donation

The On-line Donation Form will open in a new separate window.  You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker to access the form. Remember to check "Yes" for terms and "Submit" on the Confirmation Page to complete the transaction.