American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Where's the Value in Christian Camping?

Why would anyone want to go to camp this Summer when there are so many other options out there? If you need some great reasons to consider summer camp this year, read on!! 

Camping Helps Make Faith Real...

Camp is a unique opportunity to live in a total Christian community. No, it's not paradise. It's real life. There are ups and downs, feelings and emotions, problems and opportunities. How can we live together in a real world as a Christian? Everyday at camp, we deal with this question in many ways. This produces a solid foundation for every young Christian.

Camping Changes Lives...

A week of camp is the most concentrated event to teach about the love of God in Jesus Christ. Persons can't live in this environment for a week and not be changed. Again and again young persons tell us that camp has helped them understand and keep their faith. For some it is the glue that keeps them connected to the church.

Camping is Filled with Fun and Friends...

At camp we connect with others from all over the region who are just like us. With our new friends we will engage in lots of new games, learn new songs, experience worship that is exciting and real. All we do at camp is designed for campers. Camp is always fun, but watch out--lots of learning is going on too!

Camping Promotes Discipleship...

Camp shows campers how to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. More than what to believe, it's all about walking the talk. The most important questions in every life -- 'Who Am I?' and 'What will I do with my life?' -- are answered at camp. At camp persons put into practice the behaviors that Jesus taught his disciples

How Can Your Church Support Children and Youth?

  • Offer to pay a portion of the camp fee for everyone who attends camp. Many churches pay up to 1/2 of the fee.
  • Offer scholarships to those who can't afford 1/2 the fee. Many persons in the church would adopt a camper to go to camp. This builds a great connection between the generations.
  • Recruit campers in person ... one-on-one. Let them know you feel it is important for them to attend camp. Make it a top priority!
  • Invite someone from one of the camps in our region to visit your church and talk about camp.