American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Grant Funds Available

2020 Spring/Summer Grants

Good news! We have money and we want to give it away! That isn’t something you hear too often and most likely if you hear it, you assume that whatever you have to do to access those funds will not be a fun experience.

In this case, you would be wrong. We have grant funds available for the Spring/Summer cycle this year, and because the earnings for each of the three funds Release God’s Power, Ministries of Christian Discipleship and the Legacy Fund were significant in 2019, we are hoping that people in our ABCOPAD churches have been planning and dreaming of new ministries and outreach opportunities and the only thing holding them back has been a lack of funding.

The deadline for submission is March 15, 2020, with no exceptions. All applications need to be submitted to one of the Regional Pastors by that date. The Mission Allocation Committee will review the grant requests and submit their recommendations to the ABCOPAD Board for approval at their May meeting. Checks will be presented or mailed in late May or early June.

Please read the guidelines for each of the funds to determine which one would best fit the ministry your congregation is interested in beginning.

ALL applications must be typed and submitted electronically. Your congregation must (1) have given to Partners in Ministry (our regional offering) last year and planning on supporting it this year, and (2) have submitted the Cooperating Church Annual Report for 2018. If you have additional questions, please contact one of the Regional Pastors or the Treasurer at or 1-800-932-9442.


Downloadable Forms
Form instructions.


The Grant Forms are in the new Adobe Acrobat Format.
You can fill them out, print them, and mail them to a Regional Pastor

Release Gods Power Fund Purposes.docx 

Release God's Power Fund (RGP)
Grant Application Form  pdf file

Release God's Power Fund (RGP)
Grant Application Form  MS Word file

Ministries of Christian Discipleship Fund Purposes.docx 

Ministries Of Christian Discipleship Fund (MCD)
Grant Application Form    pdf file

Ministries Of Christian Discipleship Fund (MCD)
Grant Application Form  MS Word file

Legacy Fund Purposes.docx

Legacy Fund (Legacy)
Grant Application Form pdf file

Legacy Fund (Legacy)
Grant Application Form MS Word file

The applications for each of these grant funds are available on this website. These applications are fill-in forms and ALL applications MUST be typed. Each application must be submitted to a Regional Pastor for their recommendation. Applications are not to be submitted to the ABCOPAD administrative offices; they must go through the Regional Pastor in that corridor or the Regional Pastor most closely related to the ministry request.