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ABCOPAD has partnered with MinistrElife - American Baptist Profile Services to assist Search Committees in our Region, identifying potential pastoral leaders interested in serving. With so many people entering the new MinistrElife-ABPS system ( we are trying to identify pastoral leaders, open to move, and willing to serve in an ABCOPAD church. Thank you for visiting our web site and filling out this basic form. By providing this information it is our hope to better serve both local church search committees and pastoral leaders interested in being a pastor in ABCOPAD. Please fill out this form answering these basic questions. Once the form is complete our Regional Staff will obtain your ABPS/MinistrElife profile or contact you for your profile/resume. By completing this form you are indicating you are open to serve an ABCOPAD Church. Completing this form is necessary if you want your profile shared with an active search committee.
We understand you may have been contacted by members of our Regional Staff or by a local church, already expressing your interest in serving. We apologize for any multiple contacts. ABCOPAD is attempting to create a comprehensive list of potential pastoral leaders we can offer Search Committees. This is our first attempt to create this list so we are grateful for your patience and understanding. You have received an invitation to complete this form because you were identified by MinistrElife as a potential pastoral leader or because you made an inquiry regarding serving as a pastor in ABCOPAD and were referred to this web page.
Also, note. You may indicate you are currently NOT interested in serving an ABCOPAD Church at this time, however moving forward you might reconsider your decision. If you change your mind, you will need to return to this web page and resubmit the form with your change of availability. Also, in an effort to keep our list/date current, you might receive an email periodically, requesting you to update your information. If nothing has changed you can simply ignore the email message. If your availability or contact information has changed we would welcome the new information.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the form. Thank you for your pastoral ministry. God Bless. 

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