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2014 Muncy Baptisms



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 On May 18th, during a special service, Muncy Baptist Church welcomed two new members through baptism. Pastor Rob had the privilege of baptizing both his daughter, Alexa Rice, and Cameron Yeagle. During the service of worship and celebration, Pastor Rob gave a message about the importance of continuing to follow our calling as Christians to make disciples and share the love of Jesus with one another. The church is already planning for another baptism service later this summer. 


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Bradford Association Got Style Event

  On Saturday, May 17, Dr. Jeff Johnson, Regional Pastor with Congregations, as well as national Director of Evangelism and New Church Planting, conducted a morning long Got Style? training event with the leadership of churches of the historic Bradford Baptist Association along the New York border in north central Pennsylvania with attendees coming to the event from both states.  The event was hosted by the Fassett Baptist Church where Rev. Scott Melott is the pastor.

 Jeff shared not only showed how to do evangelism naturally and comfortably, individually and congregationally, in alignment with our personalities as presented in his book by the same name, now in its second printing, but also shared the spiritual disciplines SO critical to the sustaining of such missional ministry that connects us with people and connects people with Christ.



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Mt Moriah Installs Darrell Edgar As Senior Pastor


On Sunday afternoon, April 27, the Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Smithfield, Pennsylvania in the very southwest corner of the state, officially installed Darrell Edgar as their next senior pastor. Thirteen different churches were represented at the service from the association and the area, both inside and outside the ABC. Our own Dr Jeff Johnson, regional pastor for congregations, provided the message as well as did the formal act of installation. Jeff has been a mentor to Pastor Darrrell for many years. They are in the same LLC. Other parts of the service included individuals who also have had a significant impact on Pastor Darrell's life, not the least of whom is his mother, Shirley Edgar, who is pastor at FBC, Bentleyville PA and his brother, Brad Edgar, pastor of the Clarksville Christian Church, which just happens to be the church where Dr Jeff began his professional ministry thirty years ago. The picture is of Pastor Darrell giving an emotional response following a laying on of hands by members of the search committee and the diaconate board. The installation prayer was offered by Rev. Don Walls who pastored Mount Moriah in the 1980's and 1990's and is still serving the Lord, now as Interim Pastor at Indian Creek Baptist Church in nearby Mill Run, PA. Darrell has served as Associate Pastor at Mount Moriah for seventeen years. Darrell is married to Joyce Waggett, and they have one son, Tosso, who is two. The second photo is of Pastor Darrell with his congratulatory cake before it was cut for all to enjoy. 



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Fassett Baptist Honors Don and Jane Rockwell


Today (May 5th), Rev. Don Rockwell became the Pastor Emeritus of the Fassett Baptist Church (Pastor Scott Melott Minister).  Don and Jane were recognized for their faithfulness to the people of the church and serving the Lord they love.  Don and Jane spent 44 years as pastor and wife of the Fassett Baptist Church. Don retired from the church in 2010.  Rev. Don and Jane both received BEAUTIFUL plaques from the church and a nice letter and commendation from Bradford County Representative Matthew Baker.



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2014 Spring Ministry at Crossroads Erie


During a recent visit with Pastors David and Katie White, I heard about the many exciting things happening at the Crossroads Community Baptist Church of Erie.  The congregation has a growing and active ministry to Burmese refugees in the city of Erie.  The pictures include the Easter Celebration taking place at the church.

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Baptism at United Baptist Taylor and More


 More Pictures On Our Photobucket Web Page

Bob Davis (Congregational Leader at United Baptist Church of Taylor) sent is pictures of the recent baptism at the church on April 27th.  Rev. Paul Fields baptized Sebestian during morning worship.

Bob also sent in pictures of the Abington Association gathering that took place at the Trinity Baptist Church of Scranton.   

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Tractor Sunday at FBC Kennett Square


 Many more pictures of this event on our
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Recap of this exciting event:  

  As many of you know on Route 82 between Route 1 and Country Club..the tractor's right read axle suddenly snapped..the force knifejacked the tractor into the trailer....severe damage was done to the exit the crash the gas tank was punctured spewing gas all over ....Ivan and his cousin Earl had not way out but to squeeze through a tiny window....through the quick thinking aid of the State trooper Ivan and Earl got out...

Arden and I , by providence, happened to be driving by , pick up second tractor from church, when we saw the crash...our hearts sunk...but we were relieved that Ivan and Earl were ok...Ivan was in tears...and visibly and understandably shaken....


The tractor and trailer were hauled on to a huge wrecker provided by Earl Martin and Sons trucking..Ivan's son in law...and taken to the tractor hospital....the tractor is undergoing surgery with the great mechanical surgeons from the Waterloo Boys...and it is strongly believed that Ivan will be keeping his schedule to be in Gettysburg by Friday....but please pray...hip replacement surgery on tractors is timely as it is in pray..but things are looking up..


Saturday the parking lot began to fill with tractors....and by Sunday we had nearly 70l tractors squeezed into the lot!!!!

Saturday night's concert had over 130 in attendance....with the offering for the Wounded Warrior Project nearly $1,400!!

Sunday....the lot continued to fill with tractors , motorcycles and people.....and then Ivan made a grand entrance into the lot..horn blaring...

Sunday Worship..WOW what an event..we had well over 200!!! with the great news that we had to have extra chairs put up...

Sunday Luncheon,,..was Denny and Sharon did it I don't know but they fed nearly 300 people.can you imagine??

Sunday's Parade....when in cold December early January when ewe began to put this together I was asked how many tractors would be in the parade...I responded "I would like to see 200" at the time I was stretching it...

but sisters and brothers I was told that we had 200 tractors in the parade..Thank you! Thank You Sweet Jesus!!!!!

And Now I want to close with a BIG< BIG thank you to all the Wounded Warrior Bring Your tractor to Church Weekend Team...YOU ALL DID A FANTASTIC JOB...thank you!!!!

EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS...First Baptist and the Wounded Warrior Parade made the front page of today's Daily sure to run out to the newsstand and get a copy....

Finally, let us all pause, and give Glory to God for the great weather, safe travel, and the great, blessed weekend...

Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow

Praise God with the putt putt sounds of yellow and green tractors, the sounds of grey, and red tractors...

Praise God for the throaty sounds and roar of the motorcycles...

Praise God for the hand clapping and top tapping heard Saturday night in the sanctuary
Praise God for the laughter of children as their Dad's lifted them up on the seat of a big tractor.

Praise God for the creative gifts of Elva Hurst.....and the beautiful worship sevice

Praise God for the ushers who greeted me with..."We have run out of bulletins a long time ago...and we need more seats"

Praise God for the smell and aroma flowing from the beautiful feast that Denny and Sharon had prepared

Praise God for the safety of all who were in the parade

Praise God for the support of the Kennett Community and Chief Zunnino..

Praise God for the State Trooper Evan Terek who was with us yesterday...

Praise God that when the axle on the tractor snapped and gas flowed down the street Ivan and Earl were safe..

Praise God for the Waterloo Mechanics that will do some major surgery on the tractor and have Ivan on the road by Friday...

Praise God for the Great support team and spirit at First Baptist Kennett....there are great days ahead for First Baptist Kennett

Praise God for the grand skies, bright sun, cool breeze...low humidity...


Blessings and with much gratitude and joy

Pastor Jim Olsen,  Interim Minister at FBC Kennett Square



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