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Northern Haiti Mission Team 5

Mark Mahserjian-Smith writes:

Today our Haiti Mission team did some sight seeing and took a trip to the Citadel and to King Christophe’s Palace. The Citadel is an amazing structure and an important part of Haiti’s history. Constructed at the top of a very steep mountain, it’s purpose was to prevent Napoleon and the French from recapturing Haiti after they won their independence. It is a massive fortress with many canons that could stop ships coming into the harbor as well as repel an attacking army. So much rich history and an architectural wonder.




The initial plan was to hike to the Citadel but that would have taken an entire day. It is a 5mile hike and sections of the road are at nearly a 45 degree angle or steeper. Our partner Fritznel arrange for motorcycles to take us to the base of the mountain and then we took horses to carry us to the top. 




I thought I could skip the horse and hike to the top. A Haitian looked at me and said he would walk with me and bring his horse just in case I changed my mind and wanted horse assistance. About 1/3 of the way up I came to my senses and took him up on his offer. I think the Haitians were taking bets about how far I would go. Hahahahaha. I have never been on a motorcycle or horse on such steep terrain. Very grateful for the help.




by Bud Russell Categories: Ministries ~ Date: 2/4/2019