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Northumberland Clergy Christmas


The Northumberland Baptist Association Clergy gathered for their annual Post Christmas Dinner and Celebration. Rev. Robert Rice (Lead Pastor of the MUNCY Baptist Church and Regional Ministry Associate for LLC Ministries) hosted the event at Muncy Baptist. The Hospitality Committee at the church led by Esther Henninger provide a feast fit for royalty. The room was full as Pastoral Leaders and their spouses kicked back after a busy season of ministry, simply enjoying one another’s company with much laughter and joy.

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Brendan Byham Ordination


Jefferson Baptist Church gathered for the Ordination and Installation of Pastor Brendan Byham (and his wife, Rhetta). It was a WONDERFUL service and ceremony. (Pastor Brendan has been serving the church since the end of last summer.)


Several Ten Mile Baptist Association Churches and their pastors were present. Additionally, various significant individuals in Pastor Brendan's faith journey participated in the service, from the President of his seminary in Pittsburgh, to a fellow pastor, to his mentor pastor, to his mother and brother. All that wanted to came forward to lay hands on Brendan for prayer did so.


Jeffrey Johnson shared the ordination vows, presented the ordination certificate, and extended the right hand of fellowship into the ranks of the ordained to the Rev. Bendan Byham.

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LLC 2020


Leadership Learning Communities (LLC) are small groups of pastors who gather together to cultivate healthy vital relationships, both personally and professionally. This is a crucial part of fulfilling the region's vision to build healthy partnerships with Churches, Pastoral Leaders and the wider ABC Family. Here are a few reports of recent gatherings ---


Mark Mahserjian-Smith reports:

On Tuesday morning I joined my LLC for the first meeting on the New Year. Our LLC Mentor Pastor and Coach, Rev. Rob Rice (ABCOPAD Regional Ministry Associate for LLC Ministries) used some of our LLC grant money to take the team out for lunch. The Christmas/ New Year season has been especially challenging for some of our members as Pastor Tim Schwartz continues to endure chemo treatments, Pastor Scott Andrews’ wife Lisa has been battling breast cancer and Pastor Chris Hamilton’s Dad faces a serious medical issue causing him to be hospitalized and in need of significant care. It was a blessing just being together along with Pastor David Klock and Pastor Pete Wilson to encourage, support and pray for one another. The lunch at T.J. Rockwell’s was delicious but being with this LLC Team was awesome.


Jeffrey Johnson reports:

Monday morning into the afternoon, I got to kick off the year meeting with members of my LLC. All members were there with the exception of Pastor Chris McClaughlin (Indian Creek Baptist Church) who was having a root canal (ouch!). We spent time catching up with one another about what has been happening in our personal and pastoral lives over the recent holidays/holy days, and then wrapped that up with a time of prayer. Pastor David Earnest (Bethlehem Baptist) had asked everyone to come with lists of the books each have read that have blessed them. From this, the group decided between now and our February gathering to read Francis Chan's "Letters to the Church". Pastor David will prepare questions to facilitate discussion. Pastor Darrell Edgar (Mount Moriah) has decided in 2020 to go 'old school' by using a printed calendar/daytimer, handwriting all his appointments and activities. He shared one of the pages on 'stress management', emphasizing what is 'beyond our control'. The other members of my LLC include Pastor Cristy Wise (former pastor of Bates Fork Baptist, now administrator for Pulpit Speaker Course, and providing pulpit speaking herself), Pastor Will Hough (FBC Connellsville), Pastor Ralph Prinkney (former pastor of Penn Hills Baptist, providing pulpit supply to churches in and outside the ABC in three associations in the southwest corner of ABCOPAD), and Pastor Charles Bowser (Oak Hill Baptist). Those who had the time, finished out our time together by having lunch. It is always a great time of laughter and learning.

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An ABCOPAD Christmas


Take a look at 2019 Christmas happenings all across the ABCOPAD region. It was a merry season of worship, fellowship, and service.


(clockwise from upper left) Watsontown Baptist Church; Penn Hills Baptist Church; Olive Branch Baptist Church; Liberty Baptist Church, Blanchard


(clockwise from upper left) Hughesville Baptist Church; New Covenant Baptist Church; GraceCrossing Community Church; FBC, Pittsburgh


(clockwise from upper left) Central Baptist Church, Williamsport; Hatboro Baptist Church; FBC, Bethlehem; Baptist Church of West Chester


(clockwise from upper left) Calvary Baptist, Newark; FBC, Three Springs; Calvary Baptist Church, Williamsport; FBC, Lancaster


(clockwise from upper left) Mt Pleasant Baptist Church; Federated Church; FBC, Malvern; FBC, Waynesburg

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DR Mission Team 2020


D.R. Team 2020 at the construction site - building a wall for a future medical clinic. Construction team members from FBC, Wellsboro, worked with the Haitian men to build a wall around what will eventually be the F. Ardell Thomas Medical Clinic!

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Christmas Candlelights


Typical of many congregations across the region, members and friends at the Hepburn Baptist Church gathered for their Communion and Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve.

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Servant Volunteers in La Paz 2020


FBC Lansdale with folks also from Parkerford and Bethlehem are in LaPaz, Mexico, for a week of service.


Several groups spread out and worked around LaPaz. Several folk went to the seminary and installed a projector...


while others helped with the landscaping.


There were those who helped pour concrete floors in the new dorms for Rancho El Camio.


A crew of volunteers went to the Kids Up stable and worked all day to finish two walls with stucco.


Hard work, yes... But there's also time for great fellowship and food.

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New Hope Christian Church Expansion


Rev. Jeff Evans sent these pictures as the building project gets underway at the New Hope Christian Church in Broomall, Pa. After the merging of two churches and after the selling of the property of the one, phase one (welcoming center) of the building project has begun.


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