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Goin' to Church!


Who are these folk?

They're all friends and members of Calvary Baptist Church in Allentown, PA!

by Bud Russell Categories: General, Region Life ~ Date: 8/19/2019

Play Ball!


Each year the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) led by Rev. Robert Rice (ABCOPAD Regional Ministry Associate for LLCs and lead pastor at Muncy Baptist Church) take in a baseball game at a different stadium. This year it was off to Cleveland to enjoy watching the Cleveland Indians take on the Texas Rangers.

The team left Muncy around 7am to drive to Cleveland and enjoy a full day at Progress Field.

Included in the group: Rev. Pete Wilson (Calvary Baptist, Williamsport), Pastor Chris Hamilton (FBC, Lansdale) Rev. Scott Andrews ( McVeytown Presbyterian Church) Rev. David Klock (Living Bridge, Harrisburg).


So far the LLC has taken in games in Baltimore, Washington DC, New York (Mets), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston and now Cleveland.

While these trips have been great fun, the road trips have provided wonderful opportunities to talk about ministry, family life, personal life and simply bond together as partners in ministry. Often during these trips we recount meaningful moments (normally times of great laughter) that make us a true support and encouragement group for one another. We all start out thinking "do I really have time for this?", looking at demanding family and ministry calendars until we start talking and sharing.

It is at that moment when we realize this is an invaluable break from life’s stresses and time spent with amazing friends.

by Bud Russell Categories: General, Region Life ~ Date: 8/19/2019

Preachers, Parsons, and Pastors



ABCOPAD has been blessed by so many partners in ministry. Our pastors represent the diversity of God's family and the gift of leadership that's been entrusted to faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.


Edward Emmell serves as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Holloway Terrace, DE.


Gary Firster is the pastor at the Colonial Park Community Baptist Church in Harrisburg, PA


Marisa White is the newly called Associate Pastor at the Calvary Baptist Church in Newark, DE.


David Ford (with his wife Valerie) recently retired from the First Baptist Church Of Three Springs in Centre Association.


Luminitza Nichols (with her husband Eric) serves as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lancaster, PA.


Willie and Dorothy Anderson are co-pastors at Love Unlimited in Williamsport, PA.


David Blair (with his wife Leslie and their four kids) is the pastor at the First Baptist Church Of Brookville, PA.


Jeff Landfried serves as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Greenville, PA


Cathy Carpenter serves as a co-pastor at WWJD (West Waynesburg Jesus Distributors) in Waynesburg, PA.


Larry (and Linda) Hellein, Jim (and Wendy) LeVan, and Gary (and Connie) Kinnear have all served as pastors at Centerville Community Baptist Church at Centerville, PA.

by Bud Russell Categories: General, Region Life ~ Date: 8/19/2019