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Recognized Pulpit Speakers


ABCOPAD staff, in conjunction with our Academy for Christian Training and Service (ACTS), recently offered a 6-week Recognized Pulpit Speaker Training Program. The on-line course provided basic pulpit supply training for those interested in preaching at churches in ABCOPAD. Meet a few of the students --- Dennis Horne, Ed Zinser, and Brett Fallon.

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Meet Tom Tupitza


Meet Tom Tupitza, our Regional Attorney. Tom is a very valuable member of our ABCOPAD Ministry team. Called upon week after week to guide the Region and local congregations through the process of church closures as well as challenging legal issues facing pastoral leaders and churches, Tom is a great partner in ministry.


Along with being our ABCOPAD Attorney, Tom is a leader at the Wayne Park Baptist Church, teaching Sunday School, playing the piano during morning worship and so much more. A big thank you to Tom for all he does for us here in ABCOPAD, walking alongside congregations wrestling with the emotional and legal issues of bringing a beloved ministry to a close but in that closure freeing life-giving assets for other ministries to be blessed and thrive.

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Cross Road Baptist
120th Anniversary


Cross Road Baptist Church of Bangor recently celebrated 120 years of God’s faithfulness in their midst. Pastor Jay VanHorn and the congregation shared worship together in the morning followed by a catered lunch and afternoon program. The day included letters of remembrance by former pastors as well as a visit by former Pastor Leonard Lewis. The puppet ministry also provided some special music along with a special number provided by choir members from over the years.


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ThanksGIVING at
FBC Norristown


It was a big day for FBC Norristown when members and friends collected Thanksgiving gleanings to bless several families in the community during the holiday season. They also filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.


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1695 ... and Counting


The youth group and folks from Troy and East Troy Baptist recently donated and packed items for 56 Operation Christmas Child boxes. This makes 1,695 boxes they've have done over 23 years of sending boxes! Thanks to everyone!!

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A Crossroads Community Thanksgiving


At Crossroads Community Baptist Church in Erie, Pastor David White and his wife Rev. Katie White led the congregation in a service of thanksgiving.


Also serving at the church is Pastor Mann See Son from Burma.


The congregation was celebrating Thanksgiving with everyone bringing their first fruits to the communion table to share with one another along with sharing with those in need. Church leader Mo explained that Burmans do not celebrate Thanksgiving in their homeland, but during the harvest season they celebrated First Fruits. Everyone would bring from their gardens a portion of their harvest to share with others. Today, while there may not be gardens, everyone brings food to share with one another and anyone in need.


After morning worship the church family enjoyed a delicious fellowship meal including a celebration of November birthdays and anniversaries.


Pastor Dave interacts with these young adults who were laughing and giggling in the midst of the conversation. It was clear Pastor Dave loves these students and they love him.

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Christmas Drama
at Vision Fellowship


Maranatha Productions, Inc., will be presenting “The Shoemaker Welcomes Christmas” on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019, at 11:00 A.M. at Vision Fellowship. Visitors are invited to come and worship with a drama that illustrates a truth the Christ Child came to share. (Love offering will be received.)

Vision Fellowship is located in First Baptist Church, 146 Channing Ave., Malvern, PA.

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Circle Activity
at Vision Fellowship


From Vision Fellowship, Malvern ---

At this time of year, the Doris Dickerson Circle participates in Operation Christmas Child by filling shoeboxes with gifts for needy children. Pictured are a few of the early contributions as the project began. By the November 17th collection date, approximately thirty shoeboxes were ready to donate for distribution to girls and boys, ages 2 to 14. Concurrently, the Circle collects items for a local food pantry; donates new toys for the Salvation Army’s community appeal, and fills Christmas gift requests for residents of a nearby nursing home.


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OGS Building Dedication


Recently, the ABCUSA Office of the General Secretary (OGS) dedicated it new office site now called the Robert A. Roblee Ministry Building.


As a part of the dedication, the member of the Board of General Ministries also shared a brief time of recognition in honor of Dr. Spitzer’s upcoming retirement, presenting him with a book of letters from colleagues in ministry.


Located about a mile from the former ABCUSA Mission Center, the site will serve as a comfortable and functional site for the ongoing mission efforts of our wider ABC Family. The new ministry building for OGS was funded through a gift of the Robert Roblee family, which had its success in the shoe business.


To honor Lee’s retirement, IM Executive Director Sharon Koh gave Dr. Spitzer a new pair of shoes as he heads into his retirement, referencing Romans 10:15 – “...How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”... It was a fun moment, for sure!

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Active Shooter Training


The congregation at FBC Pittsburgh hosted an Active Shooter Training gathering. The Pittsburgh Baptist Association along with sister churches from other associations and even a sister church from another denomination attended the workshop with Sergeant Eric Kroll from the Pittsburgh Police presenting.

Sergeant Kroll did a masterful job sharing valuable information on this challenging topic in a non-threatening and interactive format. The class was especially significant, as everyone remembers the Tree of Life Synagogue shoot that took place just one year ago.

Our own ABCOPAD Regional Ministry Associate for Protect My Ministry Minister Valerie Black was in attendance as she helped coordinate the event. It was great seeing so many ABCOPAD Churches represented at the training.

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Hope Beyond Disappointment


Hope Beyond Disappointment retreat with Marie Monville held today at Parkesburg Baptist Church. There were 110 women present representing 4 Associations (Central Union, Delaware, Reading and Harrisburg) with 16 churches represented.

Marie reminded us that God can bring beauty into our lives beyond the disappointments of this life. (Marie Monville was the wife of Amish Schoolhouse Shooter and author of One Light Still Shines.)

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Hughesville Baptist Church Installation


Hughesville Baptist Church conducted an installation service as they officially welcomed Pastor Debbie Marker. Many clergy and guests from the Northumberland Baptist Association and ABCOPAD joined in the celebration as Pastor Debbie ( a graduate of our ACTS program and a Certified Lay Minister) begins her first call as a lead pastor. Numerous pastoral leaders from the NBA including the pastor of her home church, Pastor Ron Wagner (Montandon BC) participated in the service.

Following the installation service for Pastor Debbie Marker at the Hughesvillle Baptist Church, the congregation held a reception in the Berger Fellowship Hall, providing an opportunity for everyone to greet Pastor Debbie and congratulate her on her call.

by Bud Russell Categories: Ministries, General, Region Life ~ Date: 11/5/2019