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Baskets of Blessings in Blairsville


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It was fun visiting Rev. Cory Braatz at FBC Blairsville. Pastor Cory was showing me a ministry his wife Rhonda started. It is called Baskets of Blessings. Rhonda and other ladies at the church create gift baskets from donated items. These baskets are made available to take for a donation. The ministry has blessed a lot of people in the community and raised money for ministry.

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Ordination Service for Rev Cristy Wise

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On February 12th the Bates Forks Baptist Church held an ordination service for Pastor Cristy Wise.  The service of celebration brought together the churches of the Ten Mile Association along with Regional Pastors Frank Frischkorn, Jeff Johnson and Kevin Walden who participated in the service for Rev. Cristy. It was a very joyous occasion for all!  One highlight of the service was Pastor Cristy receiving her purple stoll from Jeff Johnson who had been wearing it during the service.  It was a meaning moment as Jeff received his license to preach from Bates Forks as a young pastoral leader.

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United Baptist Scranton Celebrates New Association Pastor


On Sunday, February 8th the United Baptist Church of Scranton welcomed their new Associate Pastor Ginger Daubenhauser. Rev. Earl Cassel not only welcomed Pastor Ginger to the church staff but also welcomed the many members of the Trinity Baptist Church of Scranton now attending United. It was a great day of celebration.  Pastor Ginger did a wonderful job with the children's message using 1 Corinthians 13 as her primary text.  Just like you can't make a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips, you can't be a Christian without love.  Later, Rev. Cassel expanded on the love chapter during his morning message.  Pastor Earl and Linda Cassel along with the churches hospitality committee hosted a wonderful reception following morning worship.

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Ten Mile Association Mens Prayer Breakfast


Men from the Ten Mile Baptist Association, in the very southwest corner of ABCOPAD gathered for breakfast at Calvary Baptist Church in Lipponcott where Rev. Nick Bardo is the pastor and has been for more than thirty years. Rev. David Earnest, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in nearby Ruff Creek provided the devotions. Randy Riggle of the North Ten Mile Baptist Church plans the monthly gathering.


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Recent Baptisms At Grace Crossing Community Church

Mark, I know you love baptism pictures.  We had one on Sunday, February 1st.  Day was super as a result and it had nothing to do with the superbowl!  Blessings! Pastor Brent Miller




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East End Baptist Celebrates A Special Birthday


More Pictures Of The Birthday Celebration

Mark,  these were taken this past Sunday at East End Baptist Church.  The church hosted a very special 1st birthday party.  Johan is an amazing young man.  When his mother was pregnant the doctors told them that their son would not live to term and that they should end the pregnancy.  This young couple chose to go through the pregnancy knowing that their son most likely would not survive birth.  When he was born alive the doctors told them that he would only live moments as he had a severe heart defect and only one side of his brain showed activity.  Then when he lived those moments they were told hours, then days and after two weeks on life support the doctors told them they should discontinue that support because there was no way he would improve.  I became involved while I myself was being treated in Geisinger after my accident.  The adoptive grandfather is a brother in the motorcycle club that I am a part of asked if I would pray.  I suggested that he take me to them and we all prayed.  The ladies of the church sprung into action, taking food to the young couple while they stayed at the Ronald McDonald house and they covered the donation to stay there as well as their stay at other hospitals.  That was needed because despite significant pressure they chose to continue they battle.  Two weeks became four and then six but Johan fought his way back.  He came off of life support, breathing on his own, started eating and after being told that he would never see, started to follow people with his one eye. The baby that was to be aborted turned one on January 6, 2015!  He will always face incredible challenges but for those who know him he has changed our lives.  I love holding him because I can still see God's fingerprints on him.  If you want to make a room of tough old bikers cry mention Johan, if you want to make them pray say he needs it and if you want to make them mad say he "can't"!  He is our daily "God sighting"

Pastor Calvin Phillips
East End Baptist Church
Williamsport, PA 


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