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Missionaries at Cold Spring Chapel


Dear Mark,

  This is a picture I wanted to share. It was taken on the 16th of September in the sanctuary of Cold Spring Chapel. Our missionaries, Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti visit their church family here at the chapel whenever they get back into the states. We had a covered dish dinner with Mayra and Carlos and Carolina and Daniella. This is the third time they visited us and we always look forward to hearing about their lives and their work. From Left: Carlos Bonilla, Larry Hopkins, Allyson Hopkins, Savannah Rake, Samuel Hopkins, Robert Abbott, Kyra Hopkins, Jenette Abbott, Arleen Peck, Daniella at the pulpit, Sally Hawley, Carolina, Jeanne Daub, Julia Corter, Donna Corter, Mayra, Patricia Rake, and Walter and Austin Corter. The family stayed the night with the Corter family. It was a marvelous visit. Each time they visit it is old friends and good family. All grace!!! Blessings to you.
Mary Bryant, Pastor



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ABCOPAD Churches Respond To ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you spend any time on Facebook or Youtube, you know many people have responded to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Numerous pastors throughout ABCOPAD have posted their pictures and video clips on Facebook and Youtube, accepting the challenge and raising awareness and dollars for ALS research.

Rev. Wylie Johnson (Springfield Baptist Church) sent us these pictures and note.



Above are tow photographs of two Riverside Pastors participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge.
Rev. Wylie W. Johnson, Senior Pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church
Rev. Marcos O. Almonte, Pastor of the Brandywine Baptist Church

We encourage other pastors to become involved. Wylie lost a close cousin to an ALS like disease, and is especially happy to see the success of the ice bucket challenge.
Yes, Marcos is being drowned by the filled bucket of a front end loader! Wylie on the other hand, got a bucket of ice water that had sat for 20 minutes and was ‘very brisk!’




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ABCOPAD Pastor Publishes Grace At The Threshold


Pastor Brent Miller of GraceCrossing Community Church (ABC-USA - Phoenixville) recently published a book entitled, Grace at the Threshold: Reflections on Salvation, Hope and the Love of God.  The book explores the means of salvation, the nature of the Christian hope and the pursuit of a God who never gives up on his beloved.  It offers an 'outside the box' take on the possibilities of grace that takes readers into both a deeper understanding of  the love of God and the necessity for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Above all, it is a book of hope that reminds us we can never count anyone out when it comes to God's relentless pursuit of the lost. 

Grace at the Threshold will be available on Amazon the week of 9/21, but is available now at A kindle version will be available in the coming months. Anyone interested in learning more about the book or talking with Pastor Brent can contact him at

Pastor Brent Miller


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Discipleshifts Young Adults And The Church Podcast


Rev. Dr. Jeff Johnson shares insights from his recent article published in the Christian Citizen magazine.  

Dr. Johnson shares:  What is the problem with the American church today?” This is the question I was asked by a producer for “Nightline.” And I responded: “Churches are full of believers but have few disciples.”

Read the Article  


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