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VBS At United Baptist Taylor

Rev. Paul Fields sent these pictures taken during their Vacation Bible School




Hi Mark, Here are some pictures from VBS.

In Christ's service, I am,
Pastor Paul Fields II
United Baptist Church
Taylor, Pa 18517-1047



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Many New Members at FBC Port Allegany

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  I wanted to send this praise to you to share.

  One Sunday Evening the 10th, we accepted into membership a total of 24. With 3 moving to active membership, 4 by transfer of letter, 5 by statement of faith and 12 by baptism. the picture is attached for the reception we had after the baptism service. Three were missing from the picture as they could not be present.

  The glory goes to the Lord.  Blessings,  Pastor Mike Culver


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Recent Baptisms at GraceCrossing Phoenixville



  The story of Josh: At an OUTFLOW event this spring, we went to the laundromats in town and gave people quarters to do their laundry.  We also brought our praise band and they played songs in front of the laundromats (secular songs with tinges of faith, like U2's One, Journey's Don't Stop Believin', that kind of stuff).   On that same day, we met a guy named Stephen who joined in our efforts.  He subsequently joined in on another OUTFLOW effort planting flowers at a community park.  Back to the laundromat - on the way home that day, one of our folks, Gary, kept passing out OUTFLOW cards to people on the street as he made his way home. (Just for you, just because, no strings attached - God loves you, call us when your next need arises - same words that were on the cards we used at the Biennial a few years back).  One of these ended up in the hands of a guy named Joshua.  Nothing more happened that day other than that he received the card. 

  But what we didn't know, was that Stephen knew Joshua. And in the ensuing weeks, totally unbeknownst to the rest of us, Stephen started talking with Joshua about the church and, more importantly, about Jesus. Then, several weeks ago, Joshua showed up in church. He came for a couple of weeks and then explained he wanted to talk with me. I met him at a downtown coffee shop, and the next thing you knew, we were praying and planning his baptism!

  Like I said in my previous email, I sent you word of this story because it is just another example of how the ministry approach the region and David Ping spoke about at the 'OUTFLOW Biennial' is bearing fruit at GraceCrossing. We approach mission incarnationally just as that conference taught. That biennial really affirmed some things for me and I was able to bring what I learned back to the church. Subsequently, Jeff Johnson came to our church for a 'Got Style' evangelism event, and we learned that the majority of those present were strongest in the incarnational evengelistic approach. It has been what we have done ever since.

  Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the region staff for helping us form this approach to ministry at GraceCrossing. It is working, and bearing fruit. Joshua is just one more person who has been touched by eternity as a result.

  I just wonder why God keeps sending me such tall people to baptize! :)

Under Christ's Mercy,  Brent

Brent Miller
Lead Pastor
GraceCrossing Community Church (ABC-USA

More GraceCrossing Baptism Pictures 




by Mark Mahserjian-Smith Categories: General, Ministries, Region Life ~ Date: 8/22/2014