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Recap of ABCOPAD Biennial Leadership Conference

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The ABCOPAD Biennial / Leadership Conference took place October 23 - 24 at the Blair County Convention Center.  Prior to the Leadership Conference (Oct 22) , a pre-Biennial Prayer Summit took place at the First Baptist Church of Hollidaysburg.  Numerous people gathered at the church to pray, not only for the event but also for their local congregation, their families and issues of concern around the world.

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Also on October 22, the Ministers Council held a Clergy Appreciation Banquet.  During the Banquet two pastors received the Craig Martin Excellence In Ministry award. Pastor Scott Fairman from FBC Apollo and Rev. Dr. Tim Spring from North Hills Baptist Church of Pittsburgh.  ABCOPAD Regional Executive Pastor, Rev. Dr. Frank Frischkorn delivered a challenging message entitled Get to Yet from Habakkak.


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The Leadership Conference officially started on Thursday morning with Rev. Dr. Dwight Stinnett leading the plenary session on "Just The Right Size."  Dr. Stinnett's presentation is available to watch on YouTube.  While the plenary session was underway, Auxano Navigators Will Mancini and Bryan Rose conducted the 5th and final Co::Lab session for the 2014 cohort.  


Throughout the rest of the Biennial, Will Mancini (primary presenter) and numerous other speakers focused on our theme, Unique Discipleship As Lifestyle, Thriving, Growing, Rooted.  Time was spent in worship as well as teaching.



The Biennial closed with Pastor Frank leading communion.  Many pictures were taken capturing various facets of the event.  See lots of photos on our ABCOPAD Photobucket web page.  It was a great event, providing an opportunity for the ABCOPAD family to gather together for a couple of days of fellowship, learning and worship.


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Springfield Baptist Celebrates Mission Month


October is Missions month at Springfield Baptist. Pastor Johnson preached four Sundays on the first missionary journey of Barnabas & Paul.  IM missionaries Peter & Sarah McCurdy ministered at SBC throughout the weekend of Oct. 24-26th.  They spoke with the AWANA children on Friday evening, and had a long breakfast with the Mission Board on Saturday morning.  Sunday they spoke in both Sunday School and Worship, then had lunch with the Mission Board at Olive Garden.  The church was decorated with photos, maps and things directing attention to missions in the Caribbean.  Our Mission Board is modeling the concepts found in the book Tender Care by Wilson and Kronbach.

Submitted by
Rev. Wylie W. Johnson, D.Min

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Kids Klub at FBC Meadville


From Deborah Fronce , Kids Klub Director.  The First Baptist Church of Meadville appreciates the Grant money it received this spring.  These are pictures of our Kids Klub that began on September 24th.  Our attendance has grown. The purchase of signs and new Parachute Game and advertising has been most beneficial. Thank you again.  Serving Jesus Christ,  Deborah Fronce





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New Hope Broomall Fall Fair

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The New Hope Christian Church of Broomall held its Fall Fair on Sunday.  People from around the community came out to the church for games, food, and a chance to get to know one another.  Rev. Jeff Evans (Minister at the church) provided the picture. 


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Westgare Baptist Celebrates 50

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Mark writes. On Saturday night (October 18th) the Westgate Baptist Church of Lancaster celebrated their 50th anniversary. Richard Schramm served as MC, throughout the celebration that included a delicious meal, testimonies from pastoral leaders, great music, a slide presentation and more. Rev Robert Zimmerman, the current minister offered a powerful visionary challenge. It was an awesome night.

It was great seeing so many dear friends at the Westgate Anniversary Celebration. Many clergy couples were present to join in the festivities.

On Sunday I worshipped at the Westgate Baptist Church as they celebrated their 50th Anniversary. It was a great day with many participating in morning worship include an inspirational anthem and a very good Children's message.  Rev. Dr. Bob Bouder delivered a powerful message encouraging the entire congregation to start kissing frogs.  Jesus touched a leper and healed him, thus kissing a frog and transforming his life.  Pastor Bob told the congregation the mission and ministry of the church is to kiss frogs, introducing them to Jesus who can still transform lives.  


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Weekend of Celebration at FBC Sharon


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Frank writes:  It's a great day of celebration at FBC,Sharon! It's the 210th Anniversary of the church, the 25th Anniversary of Pastor John's ministry at the church, AND this afternoon, Pastor John's son Josh will be ordained! Reasons to praise all through the day.


Following worship, a number of us went back to John and Marilyn's home for lunch. Don Girdwood is talking with Marilyn's father, who is a retired minister from Kenya. Sunday afternoon the First Baptist Church of Sharon continued their times of celebration by ordaining Joshua Trojak. Reverend Ken Thompson brought a stirring message during the service.


The Reverend Joshua Trojak shares the Benediction following his Ordination....the congregation then adjourned to the fellowship hall to share a Thanksgiving Feast--certainly seemed appropriate in light of ALL the things that we had to be thankful for coming out of such a wonderful day together!

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Got Style Training at FBC Wellsboro



In the midst of beautiful fall foliage of north central Pennsylvania, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson conducted a Got Style? weekend at the First Baptist Church of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.  He did an afternoon session, provided a morning message, and taught a combined Sunday School class for youth through adults.

His message came straight from the appendix of his book, Got Style? comparing us individually and congregationally to whether or not we had a missional modality or maintenance mentality. An invitation was given and a number responded, young and older alike to pray for their own spiritual needs and for the spiritual needs of others.

Dr. Johnson then used the Sunday School hour to show from the Older Testament that evangelism is really about introducing people to God's family and by faith inviting them to join it.

The afternoon long seminar focused on the contents of a Spring 2014 article in Christian Citizen magazine entitled discipleSHIFT that presented the components of effective faith sharing in the 21st century in complement to 1st century realities; as the early believers did it then, we should do it today, as our worlds, though two millennia apart, are really not that different.

Dr. Johnson's book can be found at<> and the Christian Citizen article can be found at this link:


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Pittsburgh Baptist 2014 Fall Event


On Saturday the Pittsburgh Baptist Association held their annual fall meeting at FBC Washington, (Rev. Steve Dunlap Minister) Shepherd's Voice from Riverview Baptist Church provided special music and Pastor Jack Jacobson was the speaker. Pastor Jake focused on Front Porchin' Evangelism. Below is a link to more pictures. 

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Testimonies from Summer New Jersey Mission Trips

  Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Disaster Relief Coordinator, Denise Gratzel sent these pictures as our sister Region, ABC New Jersey celebrated the disaster relief work accomplished this summer.  


  Special thanks to all the ABCOPAD Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief team members who served over the last two years.  

  The dates for next year's hurricane disaster relief work weeks have been set.

July 11-18, 2015
August 8-15, 2015

  Rev. Paul Fields (Interim Minister at the United Baptist Church of Taylor) shared this note he received from a team he worked with during the August 2014 New Jersey Disaster work week.  Great words of testimony from students who served along side Pastor Paul.

Letter of Testimony 




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October Is Pastor Appreciation Month

Dear ABCOPAD Congregational Church Leader,

Do you know what the month of October is set aside for? If you click on the two links below you’ll see October is set aside to raise awareness or celebrate all sorts of issues, events and people.

From American Archives Months to Domestic Violence Awareness Month to Polish American Heritage Month to Vegetarian Month, October is set aside for a plethora of good causes. As a result it’s understandable if you are unaware that October is also Pastor Appreciation Month. But since I just told you October is Pastor Appreciation Month, now you know!

I am writing to encourage you to appreciate your pastor this month. You might think recognizing your pastor is not necessary. After all, your pastor is a pastor because she’s been called by God. But I am here to tell you it is necessary. It is important and it can make a huge difference in your pastor’s ministry, including increasing his energy for ministry. Pastors are people too and just as your energy for your job is increased when you are recognized and appreciated so it is for your pastor. I know this to be true because it reflects my own experience.

The first church I served, save for one older woman, did not celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. But I knew October was Pastor Appreciation Month. I would look forward to the e-card the older woman sent each year. I would also tell myself that not being appreciated by the rest of the members or the congregation as a whole didn’t matter. But truth be told, it did. I know it mattered because the current church I serve celebrates Pastor Appreciation Month. Their celebration of it makes a difference in my ministry. While not my primary motivation for serving as a pastor, when I feel appreciated and loved by my congregation, it provides added motivation to go above and beyond in serving, caring and loving them. In other words, it makes me a better pastor.

If you are a leader in your congregation and are reading this, I encourage you to gather with other church leaders and plan a way to appreciate your pastor. It doesn’t have to be some grand event. Small gestures throughout the month can add up. A cake and a few members speaking kind words after a worship service is one way you can show appreciation. One year my current church gave me a gift certificate to a local restaurant for a date night with my spouse. Another year, they each wrote down a way I had ministered to them in their lives. I’ve kept them. I read them from time to time when facing a challenge. They help me get through that challenging moment.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. Please e-mail (ABCOPAD Staff person) to let us know how you celebrated Pastor Appreciation Month this October. We’ll compile your unique ideas and send them out to all the churches next September.

Rev. David A. Braneky
Pastor Baptist Church of West Chester / President of ABCOPAD Ministers Council

p.s. Here’s a link to an article with ideas on how to appreciate your pastor.


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