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Lenten Journey

by Dr. Richard Rusbuldt

Richard Rusbuldt


February 26 -- April 12, 2020

Welcome aboard the 2020 Lenten Journey. If this is your first “walk to the cross get ready for the challenges to walk on sandy, dusty roads, to leap two thousand years back in history to another era in time, and to seek new insights and answers to what really happened in Palestine about 33 AD.

Lent falls between Ash Wednesday and Easter. For most of the Christian “world” the focus is on the climax, Resurrection Sunday, which we call Easter. Not many around the world will pause and reflect for forty-five days before celebrating Easter Sunday. Some faiths encourage you to give up something for Lent. If you read these devotionals, you will “give up” some time…but perhaps the “lost time” will help you in your walk with Jesus.

Each day there is a verse or two of Scripture, and a one-page “thought” on which to ponder or react. There is a short prayer if you choose to use it…or pray on your own. At the end of the readings you will find the Scripture verses for each day, taken from The Message by E. Peterson. I continue to be indebted to Dr. Lee Spitzer and his wife, Lois, for their assistance in this writing project. Lee just recently retired and is now entering a new world of research and writing which he will enjoy. My wife of sixty-six years, Flossie, has helped with many of the Lenten Journeys over the years…reading, suggesting, correcting some of my hard-to-figure-out pages… and late last year, she gave up her reading to, instead, walk hand in hand with Jesus. It was a most difficult journey last year, but in the midst of her health crisis, she lovingly “insisted” I had to finish the 2020 Lenten project!

World events increasingly cause fear and consternation among world populations that there ever was, or now is a living, caring, loving God, One who would come under any guise to walk our dusty roads, or travel our busy highways. It is my hope that you will find strength and confidence for your daily journey as you ponder Scripture, stories, history and people.

You probably won’t agree with everything that’s written herein – that’s not a problem at all. We are friends of Jesus, traveling together! If you don’t like some of the suggestions, conclusions or questions, then skip them! Perhaps you’ll miss a day or two, here and there – and that’s OK, too. Each day’s journey stands pretty much by itself and can be missed or picked up at a later date. We will meet good and evil people, consider wisdom from “above,” ponder the humanity and divinity of Jesus, shudder at the suffering and brutality he endured on his walk to the cross, confront the “why” questions again and again, pray daily, and even more.


 Lent begins on Wednesday, February 26th


 2020 Lenten Journey

by Dr. Richard Rusbuldt

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2020 Lenten Journey