American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Offering Certainty In An Uncertain World



Now, more than ever, Americans want reliability, truth and accountability. We are all looking for something stable, solid and firm. For many of us, it means a return to classic values and enduring ideals. One of these values is the Charitable Gift Annuity.

The charitable gift annuity can bless you, or you and your spouse, with income guaranteed for life.

Our gift annuities offer high guaranteed rates. They also have potential for tax favored income and tax deductions. Another bonus, you can name your favorite ministry, church or charity to receive a gift from this annuity once you leave this earth. Yes, this annuity gives twice!

Several of our charitable gift annuity donors want you to know:

“Charitable gift annuities are a win-win situation. We have a regular check from our annuity for the rest of our lives. The results of our decision to fund a charitable gift annuity (CGA) will help support ministry in our region and around the world for years to come.” 

“First, we would be following the biblical mandate to be good stewards of what God has given us. Second, we could support a cause with which we have been involved for twenty-five years. And third, it would provide a lifetime income for my wife and me as well as help us take advantage of tax saving.”

If you are looking to increase your income and want certainty and peace of mind, please see the insert highlighting our current Gift Annuity rates.

If you would like a “no obligation” Gift Annuity proposal or more Estate Planning information, please contact: 

Mark J. Mendicino, Board President
ABCOPAD Foundation