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The Nones


a free webinar with
author, pastor and social scientist researcher
Ryan Burge


The term "nones" is used to refer to those who are unaffiliated with any organized religion. This use derives from surveys of religious affiliation, in which "None" (or "None of the above") is typically the last choice. The growth of the nones in American society has been dramatic. In 1972, just 5 percent of Americans claimed “no religion” on the General Social Survey. In 2018, that number rose to 23.7 percent, making the nones as numerous as both evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics. Every indication is that the nones will be the largest religious group in the United States in the next decade.

Recently. a multi-region webinar with Ryan Burge, author of "The Nones," took place via Zoom.
Ryan took a deep dive, looking at religious trends taking place in the US.
You can now watch this webinar
on our ABCOPAD YouTube Channel


In so many ways this is a must-see for pastors and congregational leaders
seeking to understand what is happening in our culture when it comes to the church.


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