American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Rising Insurance Costs
-- ABCUSA Opportunity --



These days ministry resources are stretched to their breaking point. For churches, simply sustaining current operations can be a real challenge; costs are continually increasing. One area where this is particularly true is Property and Casualty Insurance. Many of our churches are faced with increasing costs, limited coverage and an uncertain future.

Over the past few years we have seen unprecedented increases in natural disasters (Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Wild Fires). Sexual Abuse incidents are on the rise again and sadly, houses of worship are now frequently targeted for violence. All of these challenges conspire to make purchasing adequate insurance more complicated, because the rates keep going up.

Today, we are pleased to announce an initiative by Church Mutual through Sovereign Insurance Group to provide ABCUSA churches with an exciting opportunity to address insurance costs in a proactive way. This program is available exclusively to churches, ministries (camps, etc.) and regions affiliated with ABCUSA and will offer many competitive advantages, such as group discounted pricing, dividend opportunities, and enhanced loss control.

How can your church get involved?

If you are happy with your current insurance program, that’s great. But if your church is open to offering a new way to enable our churches to save money on their property and casualty insurance, CLICK HERE simply contact Jeff Dromeshauser ( from Sovereign Insurance Group.

If an ABCUSA affiliated congregation is already receiving insurance protection through Church Mutual, Church Mutual has agreed to include you in the group upon your request. Your church may be eligible for further premium discounts. Your church would be eligible for dividends and may benefit from pricing stability by being part of a larger group.