American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

PA State Sales Tax Exemption


Pastor, Treasurer, or Church Secretary of a Pennsylvania Church, 

You may have noticed that your PA State Sales Tax Exemption certificate will be expiring on March 31, 2020. A few years ago, Pennsylvania changed how renewals for churches would happen. They asked denominational parent organizations to verify their congregations to the state and the renewals for those churches would be on the same cycle each time. Our submission for the renewal package has already been approved and I have turned in the initial list of churches with their current addresses and their EIN numbers. If you have not heard from me either through a letter mailed to your church, a phone message or e-mail, I have all the information needed and have already turned in your church’s information with my listing. If you have received notice from me, I am looking for your church’s EIN number and need that to submit to the state for identification purposes. If you have received one of these notifications please contact me by phone (800) 932-9442 or email me at ccasey@abcopad with your church’s name, current address and EIN number (this is your federal identification number). The new certificates will be mailed directly from the Exemption Unit in Harrisburg to your church.

Caryl Casey,
ABCOPAD Treasurer

To Church Treasurers & Office Administrators

All of the American Baptist churches in Pennsylvania have tax exemption certificates that will expire on March 31, 2020. I have turned in the list of our churches with their current addresses and EIN #’s, including ABCOPAD’s. The state has accepted what was turned in and was in the process of producing the new certificates to be ready to mail out prior to the expiration date, when they contacted me last week. When most businesses in Pennsylvania were closed last week out of concern for further spread of the Coronavirus, many of the state offices in Harrisburg were closed as well. The Department of Revenue’s call center is closed. I am certain that as soon as those employees are able to return to their office, they will make every effort to get the new certificates out to each of us. If any additional information is passed along to me, I will share it with all of you.

UPDATE – Thursday, March 26th This morning I received a call from one of the managers in the PA Department of Revenue. He said in light of the closing of many of their offices, Pennsylvania has extended the expiration date of the current tax exemption certificates. The ones you currently have will be honored through September 30, 2020. You should use it along with a copy of the letter he sent. I will be mailing out a hard copy to each church. In the meantime, we have provided a copy available to download BELOW. I am aware that many of you have had inquiries from your utility companies and other vendors, asking for an updated form. I am grateful that Pennsylvania recognized the struggle this could become for churches and approved an extension. We all will receive new certificates in the future when the state can begin processing them again.