American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

One Great Hour Of Sharing 2019



Everywhere we turn, it seems there are communities in conflict and chaos around our world. We hear of families being separated from their homes or each other because of disasters. Maybe it is because of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, or because of wars and political turmoil in Syria and East Africa, or because of violence in Central America. Daily we hear of such news and our hearts pull us toward God.

In the midst of suffering and uncertainty, God pulls us, calls us, uses us to be compassion. We, the Church, are called to be God’s compassion at work in the world, helping to rebuild and create a better world for all.

The world we are being called to create may seem beyond what we can imagine. But it is a world that God can imagine.

Through One Great Hour of Sharing we are creating, together, a world where families have access to clean water, education and medical care —where they can find new homes without persecution; it is a world where there is shalom. And you are making that possible. You are making what God imagines for this world a reality.

Thank you for your generous gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing.Together we are transforming lives in ways that are more than we can imagine.

OGHS Resources are now Available HERE for churches. Promotional materials include mission stories, music, worship resources, video clips, and much more.