American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware




For over 200 years, American Baptists have been investing in the futures of people all around the world! From our local communities here in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and wrapping all the way around the globe, ministries have been undergirded by American Baptists for over 200 years. It's remarkable! What God has done and continues to do through American Baptists is invest in God’s people by meeting spiritual and human need.

You can probably recall American Baptist ministries that you and your congregation have supported. Some may have been one-time investments made to address one specific need at one specific time, while others are investments made over many years—often decades—as American Baptists walk alongside communities, growing as they grow, and changing as they change.

The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering promotional materials for 2020 feature the ministry of the New Life Center Foundation in Thailand. American Baptists have invested in the lives of young girls in northern Thailand for over 30 years!American Baptist International Ministries’ missionaries Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Elaine Lewis founded the New Life Center (NLC) in 1987, and Rev. Lauran Bethell, Miss Karen Smith, Miss Kit Ripley, and Miss Jeni Pedzinski have continued to provide leadership there alongside NLC’s tribal staff.

Promotional resources are now available for the 2020 One Great Hour Of Sharing Offering. Along with general information, a number of media and videos, logos and graphics are designed to help interpret this year's theme: "Invest in Futures".

Let's be generous and joyful in our giving, "for we are co-workers in God's service!" [1 Corinthians 3:9].