American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Financial Wellness Institute


MMBB is pleased to announce the introduction of MMBB Financial Wellness Institute (FWI), a convenient new way for MMBB members to learn about money matters. It’s a visually engaging and interactive online learning experience designed for both clergy and lay staff. This practical and dynamic e-curriculum is provided at no cost to MMBB members.

“The goals of our Financial Wellness Institute include increasing the financial know-how of pastors and congregations, and helping viewers to achieve financial wellness,” comments MMBB CEO Louis P. Barbarin. “The video education series is a tool to build the skills pastors need to have healthy conversations around money within their congregations. Above all else, we feel the courses demonstrate that becoming financially literate can be enjoyable and stimulating.”

FWI courses use animated videos, quizzes, resources and assessments to share strategies, tactics and tips viewers can use right now. Each course provides learning modules that only take a few minutes to view. The first three courses are:

  1. Debt Management
  2. Understanding Compensation
  3. Building a Financial Foundation in Retirement

The genesis of FWI came from strategic discussions about creative ways to empower MMBB members with the knowledge they need to create financial wellness. When MMBB’s pastoral research revealed pastors have more than twice as much debt stress as the general population, staff prioritized debt management as the first FWI course. That’s why MMBB is excited to provide an innovative and well-crafted online learning hub to help members take charge of their finances.

Users can take courses in any order they wish at their own pace. MMBB believes this online curriculum will provide great value for members.