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ACTS - Spring Semester 2022


Academy of Christian Training and Service
Spring Semester 2022
classes begin February 5


Registration is now open for the ACTS Spring Semester. The semester focuses on Biblical Studies; Courses include:

New Testament [Rev. Scott Jones, instructor]

Covers the entire New Testament including the history and writing which make up its background. Each book will be analyzed as to the setting in which it was written, the author, the group of people to whom it was written, the content, the type(s) of literature contained, and its theology. The Gospel accounts will be examined to see how they relate to each other. The modern text of the New Testament and how it is put together by scholars will also be discussed.

Biblical Interpretation [Rev. Kelly Legg, instructor]

This course will cover the principles of understanding the Bible. It will examine how Scripture uses Scripture, how the Jews of Jesus’ time used Scripture, and how Scripture uses changed from Roman Catholicism to the Reformation to today. It will examine our assumptions about the Bible and the resulting principles we use in understanding the Scripture. A carefully though out process for examining passages will be presented. It will include examining the assumptions, background, text, different versions (or the original language), grammar, literature, people, places, concepts and context of a passage. All of these will be used in helping the student arrive at an appropriate meaning of the text. Principles for applying this meaning of the text to our lives will be discussed.

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