American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

ABHMS Awards COVID Recovery Grants



Since May 2020, ABHMS has awarded $132,841 in One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) funds for COVID-19 recovery efforts in the United States and Puerto Rico. Sixty-one organizations have received grants for communities in need.

“The state of emergency we are experiencing because of COVID-19 remains critical,” says the Rev. Rothangliani Chhangte, ABHMS senior associate for Grants, Partnerships and Strategy Alignment. “The recent news of more than 193,000 deaths and new communities with higher numbers of cases now, than in the spring, is tragic. ABHMS is working alongside of our ministry partners to disburse the funds as quickly as possible to address as many needs as possible.”

Ninety-two applications for domestic recovery have been received from organizations in 29 of our 34 American Baptist Churches USA regions. Sixty-one grants have been awarded coast to coast across 28 regions. The grants support food distribution, financial assistance for students and unemployed persons, infant and child care and medical aid to homeless persons. Two grants have also been awarded for technology to facilitate academic and community connection.

As additional OGHS donations for domestic response are received, ABHMS will continue to disburse grants for “COVID RECOVERY: Renewing Hope and Service.”

Among grant recipients to date are several ABCOPAD congregations:

Calvary Baptist Church, Newark, DE

Siloam Baptist Church, Norristown, PA