American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

ABCOPAD Transitional Leadership

Dear ABCOPAD Family:

 As we continue to journey through the final months of Rev. Frank Frischkorn’s ministry as our Executive Pastor and plan his November 6 virtual celebration, the ABCOPAD Board has been busy looking to the future. The Executive Committee of the ABCOPAD Board in their job as Personnel Committee has appointed Rev. Mark Mahserjian-Smith and Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson as Acting Co-Executive Ministers. They will share the current responsibilities of Rev. Frischkorn as well as cover many of their present responsibilities. To not make this a crushing assignment, six Provisional Regional Staff Members will be hired to, under the supervision of Rev. Mark Mahserjian-Smith and Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, cover the portions of their responsibilities which they will cede. These Provisional Regional Staff Members will be placed geographically throughout the Region: North Central, South Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

I do not want to drown you with all of the details, but a full schematic is available from the ABCOPAD Office, Rev. Mark Mahserjian-Smith, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, any of the ABCOPAD Board members, or me.

I ask that you would be in prayer for ABCOPAD in these coming months as we transition administratively but continue unhindered in our ministry for Jesus Christ.

Rev. Mark J. McCallion
ABCOPAD President