American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

A Community At Worship



Embracing your congregation’s unique theology, culture, and practice of worship

Join Pastor Dan Nicewonger and Dr. Christopher Wells
as they help you discern your congregation’s unique worship norms.

For a congregation to experience the fullness of worship, it must learn to speak a common worship language. This starts with that congregation’s unique set of worship norms: their worship practices, their worship culture, and their theology of worship.

Chris and Dan are not interested in telling you the “correct way” to worship. Instead, they want to help you discover and live into the unique worship norms that exist within your congregation.




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What others are saying:

“Daniel Nicewonger and Christopher Wells combine their decades of experience leading worship in this down-to-earth and heartfelt book. Their perspective is unique and one that the modern church needs to hear.”
– Ryan

“Truly a gift to clergy and layperson alike, this book includes inspirational stories, and presents questions, methods, and examples of transforming ordinary Sunday service into corporate worship that encounters and edifies our Heavenly Father. Providing a step-by-step, guide to revitalize your thoughts about worship.”
– Sandy

"Pastor Dan and Chris effectively help congregations think through first the “Why” and then the “How” of Worship. Their book isn’t birthed out of the musings of a pastor and worship leader but out of the lives of two practitioners who have sought to lead their congregation through the challenging discernment process of what makes for healthy, God-honoring worship in their corner of the Kingdom. The journey has been affirming and life-giving for their local church, and now they want to share their learnings with the wider family of the Body of Christ."
Rev. Dr. Frank Frischkorn, Retired Regional Executive Pastor, American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware (2007-2021)

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