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20/20 VISION in 2020


20/20 Vision in 2020
July 14-17, 2020

The 2020 WORLD MISSION CONFERENCE begins Tuesday evening, July 14 and ends Friday evening, July 17 at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Is your vision for God’s kingdom 20/20 or is there room for improvement? The nightly news can be discouraging and lack God’s perspective. The World Mission Conference will help you gaze at global issues from a new perspective that is hopeful and encouraging. Come take a peek behind the scenes at what God is doing in places and through ministries that sometimes can’t be talked about openly.

  • How can you spot the signs of human trafficking and help with Abolishing Global Slavery?
  • What does Economic Development look like in today’s global economy?
  • Imagine how the Gospel is being shared cross-culturally from Everywhere to Everyone.
  • Watch how lives are changed by going on short-term mission trips!
  • What is the vision for bringing about Peace and Justice to the marginalized and powerless?
  • Have you seen how ministries of Health & Well Being are reaching people with limited access to health care?
  • Observe how Education can break the cycle of poverty not just for individuals but for families and entire villages!

The World Mission Conference is a hands-on, interactive and engaging event for you and your family to grasp a 20/20 vision of God’s world.

Special guest musicians, the Maranatha Band from the Dominican Republic, will enliven your international worship experience with their joyful merengue style of music! Workshops lead by missionaries and international partners fresh from the mission field will open your eyes to what is good and admirable. Mealtimes and afternoon activities multiply the number of opportunities for one-on-one conversations with global leaders, missionaries and fellow attendees. And you better wear sandals to the morning and evening programs because they will blow your socks off with dynamic stories and videos!

New programs for children (Kindergarten – 5th grade) and youth (grades 6 – 12) will introduce them each morning to global mission through cross-cultural activities, games, Bible study, visits with mission personnel and more. Children and youth are invited to attend the evening programs with their family. for more information.

Can you see it? Can you picture yourself at the conference? We can!

REGISTRATION opens in March. Pre-register by June 30th and save! $225 for adults 18 & older and $35 for children entering grades K – 12 in the fall.

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE – To view the schedule, click here.

GLOBAL PERSONNEL – To view the list of global personnel (missionaries, development workers, global and regional consultants) that will be at the 2020 WMC, click here.

Not sure what to pack? Wondering how to schedule an airport shuttle? Got questions about housing or meals? Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here!

  • FAQ: General Conference Information – click here
  • FAQ: Travel Information – click here Be sure to read this before buying your tickets!
  • FAQ: Housing Information – click here
  • FAQ: Meal Information – click here