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World Mission Reports

ABCOPAD World Mission Support (WMS) Giving Reports


The following reports are updated on or about the 10th of each month.

Central Area Year-To-Date World Mission Support Report

North East Year-To-Date World Mission Support Report

North West Year-To-Date World Mission Support Report

Pittsburgh  Year-To-Date World Mission Support Report

South East Year-To-Date World Mission Support Report

South West Year-To-Date World Mission Support Report


World Mission Support  Instructions

 ABCOPAD Remittance Form

ABCOPAD Remittance Form


 Instructions To Give To A Specific Missionary or MPT Group

On-Line Giving:  If you would like to make a contribution to a specific Missionary or MPT, select, "Give To A Specific Missionary or MPT" from the category list on our Donation web page.  Complete the rest of the transaction form.  In the "Comments" section of the form include the name of the BIM Missionary you would like to support.  Important:  This is only for ABC BIM Recognized Missionaries.  If you would like your church to receive credit for your gift be certain to include your church's pin number or the name of your church including the town the church is located in your comment or in the Unique ID field on the form. (Example: First Bapist Church, Milton or Calvary Baptist Church, Allentown.)

Link To Donation Web Page

Giving Through Our Regular Remittance System:  For churches and individuals wishing to make a gift to a BIM Missionary eligible for the Luther Rice Matching Gift Funds, please list these contributions on the Targeted Giving line of the Monthly Report of Mission Support.  In the detail section, please include the missionary's name, as well as noting Luther Rice Matching Gift.  The intention is for these to be new monies, over and above your other gifts to missionaries and/or the region.  Remember, it is always possible to support a Missionary through Targeted Giving even after the Luther Rice Matching Gift opportunity has ended.


A Word Of Explanation

Explanation of Reports

The Cumulative Church Report by Area is designed to highlight the giving of each church for the specified month, the year to date giving and comparison of year to date giving from the prior year, followed by dollar difference and percentage difference.  It is a quick and easy way for any church member to ascertain what has been received in the regional office for that month, where the year to date giving is in comparison to that exact same time period from the prior year and what the differences are.  Often churches find the ability to measure their giving record, in comparison to other churches in the same area, helpful in determining whether their giving is relative to churches of the same size and situations.  Each category is compared across the report for each line item that may be given to through the monthly mission support process.  It is important to remember that the Cumulative Church Report compares that year's giving to that same month's cumulative giving for the prior year.  A comparison would be useless, unless it was comparing two exact same time periods.


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  • If you continue to experience difficulties obtaining these reports please contact Mark Mahserjian-Smith, ABCOPAD Regional Pastor For Mission & Communications at EMAIL or 570-435-2001.