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January / February 2019 Mission Trip

Update Sept. 27, 2018:  
 Greetings,  Amidst all the political posturing going on today, the needs of God's people often take a back seat in a lot of folks' priorities. So it seems really appropriate to be sending a quick update on the work that is proceeding in Grand Goave, Haiti.

  • Before this month is out, work will begin on the sixth home in the Mon Plaisir community.
  • The fisherman's warehouse that was begun shortly after we left last winter is now complete and in use.
  • A return trip is planned for January 31 - February 6, 2019, to build a combination basketball court/soccer field (that's the way it is often done in Haiti and throughout the Caribbean), a pavilion for after school tutoring and adult education classes, and a fourth well site. ABCOPAD lay leader Myra Goss will also be along to explore the possibilities for a medical mission team in the near future.
  • The basketball court/soccer field and pavilion are being funded through monies raised by the Vacation Bible Schools this summer from First Baptist Church of Waynesburg and the Jefferson Baptist Church. First Presbyterian Church of Waynesburg has for a second year in a row come alongside of our efforts to largely fund two homes. And individual gifts continue to sustain our ongoing work in this community.

As of this mailing we have commitments for eleven of fifteen spots on the 2019 team. The cost of the trip is $1175 which includes everything except whatever vaccinations you might need. We would love to have four more folks quickly jump on board to fill those last spots and to commit to being a part of this exciting week. The application is attached below, with instructions. The $400 deposit secures your spot on this years trip.

We are so grateful for your continued support through prayer and financial contributions. Please keep it up so that 2019 can be the year that we bring to a successful completion this exciting work.
Blessings, Jonathan


Our Mission:

 Poor financially, rich in spirit! This is a great description of the Christian people of Grand Goave, Haiti. Help us to make a difference in this community. We are on a mission to build 12 houses, a well for the wider community, a sanitation system, fishing warehouse, and a community center. ABCOPAD and ABC USA are working to help us to make this wonderful project a reality.

 This project has the possibility to be transformative in the life of the people of Grand Goave. The multi-faceted approach of trying to address issues of housing, employment, clean drinking water, sanitation services, tutoring, adult education and economic support for local workers, while something that is a given for our life in the States, is virtually unheard of in most places in Haiti. And just as transformative is the goal of getting folks here in the U.S. to commit to involvement in the project with either/or, both/and their dollars and their own sweat equity. This partnership that relies heavily on Haitian leadership, instead of being a top/down model of mission, opens the doors to whole new ways of loving "the least of these." 

 We have 3 clear objectives for this project 

  1. To improve living conditions for many families in Grand Goave.
  2. To provide in Grand Goave and surrounding areas job opportunities for construction workers and their families.
  3. To help to facilitate increased income production by support for local fisherman and a community garden. 

 The families will be chosen by a committee made of up of ministers and community members. The criteria will include need as defined by current living situation and number of people living in the dwelling. In addition there is an expectation that the families are able to provide some of the work involved in the building of their home or the homes of other chosen families. 


If you would be interested in taking part in this trip or future trips please contact us at You can also contact ABCOPAD Denise Veselicky (412) 687- 3940 or EMAIL




ALL CHECKS for this project should be mailed to the post office box address listed below

P.O. Box 421
Hatboro, PA 19040


Checks should be made out to: ABCOPAD H4H.

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