American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Pipe Organ Available for $1

You must disassemble and move.



A Kilgen Pipe Organ built for the Calvary Baptist Church of Norristown PA in 1952 is available for a $1 donation.

Organ Details:
Console—Three manuals: compass CC to C, 61 notes each.

Pedal board - Action: advance Electro-Pneumatic type with high resistance magnets operating on low amperage.
Pipes: pipe scales are in conformity with the size of the organ.
Voicing: made to meet requirements of building.
Pitch: A-440 – C 523.2.

If you are interested in this organ, time is of the essence.   It must be removed from the church by the end of the month. Contact 412-687-3940 for more information.