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ABCOPAD has launched itsnew Prayer Ministry using a social media platform.

ABCOPAD Prays is a Facebook group where members of the prayer team canboth read and post prayer requests. Instead of a traditional email-based prayerministry, the new ABCOPAD Prays allows each prayer team member toshare prayer requests in real time as well as post prayer responses to thegroup.

No longer will prayer team members need to submit prayer requests to an administratorwho would then create and dispatch a separate prayer email message to thegroup. By using a social media platform, each prayer team member will be ableto interact with one another directly, sharing prayer joys and concerns. Also,when a prayer team member is led to offer a public prayer, such prayers can beposted as a comment to the group.

ABCOPAD Prays is a public Facebook group; however, people will need to be a member of the group to post messages or comments. By making ABCOPAD Prays a public group, people with a Facebook account will be able to find the group and view posted messages but will not be able to post or comment until they become a member. Prayer team members will be able to add individuals who are friends on Facebook to the group. Of course, if people don't find the ministry helpful, they will be able to leave the group at any time. By using this Facebook group setting, we hope to create a more interactive and conversational atmosphere were prayer needs can be shared and prayed for more freely.

Of course, everyone needs to remember this is still Facebook... where confidentiality isalmost impossible. And so, people wishing to engage prayer partners privatelywill be able to message members to offer private, confidential encouragementand support.

Our current plan is to make ABCOPAD Prays our primaryprayer vehicle. Having said that, we understand not everyone is on Facebook. Assuch, a once-a-week short summary of prayer messages and updates will be compliedand dispatched using Constant Contact email.

ABCOPAD recognizes more and more people are usingmobile devices and no longer use email as their primary way to communicateon-line. Our hope is this new prayer ministry platform will meet the needs ofour prayer team and Region.

If youwould like to join our ABCOPAD Praysgroup: 


We look forward to having you on the prayer team!

Thank you for being a prayer warrior and partner in ministry.