American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

WIM Conference Call
March 26, 2020


FBC, Blairsville (Jan Tokarsky)

  • Sending weekly written letters to church members
  • Will provide little study booklets for Easter

Olive Branch (Paula Sommerfeldt)

  • Will do drive-thru/drive-by communion
  • Posting daily online devotionals
  • “Toot-Toot”; where members drive in their cars in caravan to shut-ins home where they honk their horns and wave from their cars so they know they are not forgotten
  • Sending letters to congregation to keep them informed and encouraged

FBC, Jeannette (Sue Petrill)

  • Sending weekly newsletter to congregation with Bible Study included

FBC, Tarentum (Felecia Brock)

  • Have started online e-giving
  • Conducting administrative board meetings online
  • Using conference calls to conduct prayer meetings
  • Recording sermon live on periscope and then posting weekly sermons to Facebook
  • Will begin teaching Bible Class online
  • Have divided up the congregation roll among the deacons who are personally calling and visiting over the phone with each member; with a minimum of seven minutes spent per visit

FBC, Hughesville (Deb Marker)

  • For Holy Week services, will go live on Facebook
  • Deacons on their own initiative divided up the congregation roll among the deacons who are personally calling and visiting over the phone with each member

New Covenant, Pottstown (Melody Walden)

  • Sent out packet that included letter of encouragement, study resource, self-addressed stamped giving envelope
  • Provided daily prayer guide
  • Conducting council meeting online
  • Provided links to congregation to enjoy music and teaching videos
  • Will begin Sunday School online this week; will the begin Prayer Meeting; recording worship
  • May do audio drama for Maundy-Thursday either recorded separately each part and then spliced prerecorded together and share online or even mail the recording out to people to listen in their own home

Forest Baptist, Winburne (Sue Radel)

  • Streaming worship via Facebook
  • Designated daily time of prayer, morning and evening for the church wherever they are to be together
  • Doing online Bible Study using free conference call to allow for interaction/back and forth/participation
  • Use “call-em-all”; 2 @ week, an automated calling service; which can be recorded (up to like 75 people is $15 @ month; pre-recording a message; sent out with different messages each time)

Central Baptist, Williamsport (Eleanor Siegrist)

  • Have streamed worship using Zoom (free edition)
  • Have done online Bible Study