American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Pastoral Supplies & Ministry Resources



Bill Scott [formerly pastor of Brandywine Baptist Church, now retired] has quite a collection of items that may still be of service to those in ministry.  They are offered to anyone in ABCOPAD (pastor, seminarian, local church, staff). Items include:

  • 1 pair of waders, boot size 10
  • 1 baptismal robe, size 59.
  • Books: Sets of Commentaries, individual commentaries, books on theology, apologetics, prayer, etc.
  • Children’s ministry materials including
    • children’s musicals,
    • flannelgraph lessons,
    • the Betty Lukens flannelgraph set,
    • back issues of Children’s Ministry Magazine and other periodicals,
    • large picture storybooks
  • A collection of church and biblical clip art books and notebooks.
  • Sample music – choral, old hymnals and song books.

If interested, contact Bill at