American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Transformed by Pastoral Transition


Designed as a practical and deeply spiritual guide for congregations facing pastoral transition, “Transformed by Pastoral Transition: A Guide for Congregations” uses the framework of the Christian worship service to help church leaders usher their faith community through a process of honoring the past, healing the present and discerning the future.

The book includes worship resources for each stage in the transitional season, from bidding farewell and processing grief related to the outgoing minister to celebrating the gifts of community and anticipating the next stage in the congregation’s life together.

“Transformed by Pastoral Transition” asserts that transitions in ministry are opportunities for renewal and growth. It addresses the experience and needs of the transitioning congregation, so that it might be a season of transformation in the life of the church. It defines a process for navigating pastoral transition that can be tailored to individual congregational contexts.

The book is written by the Rev. Dr. Marcia B. Bailey, an American Baptist pastor and an associate professor of teaching at Temple University, Philadelphia. She has had the unique experience of having led several congregations as a transitional pastor, being a member of a congregation in pastoral transition and being a settled pastor. These three perspectives provide depth to her understanding of the wealth of possibilities inherent in the “time between” and her belief that God can bring about transformation in transition.


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