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The Perfect Gift – IM Global Gifts!


What do clean water, coffee, and clinics in other countries have in common?

They all can bring hope to people served by International Ministries (IM) all over the world when you purchase them as Christmas gifts through the IM Global Gifts program.

IM’s Global Gifts are mission projects, hand-selected and managed by our global servants, international partners and area directors. So you can be sure that your gifts are greatly needed, much appreciated and treated respectfully with faithful stewardship.

It’s easy to find the perfect gift!

Browse through the suggested projects on the Global Gifts Page. If one fits the gift you’re looking for, click on the “give” button below the project title.

When you choose your global gift, you can specify if you would like the recipient to receive a personalized notification from IM. Just choose mail or email as the notification method and we’ll let them know of your gift to them!”

Thank you for sending the precious gift of God’s love to others. May your Advent, Christmas and New Year’s be filled with God’s blessings.