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Oberammergau 2022
The Best of Italy




Since 1634, the most famous Passion Play in the world has been presented every 10 years in Oberammergau, Germany. The worldwide virus pandemic of 2020 forced the Play organizers to move the production to 2022 – only the 4th time in almost 400 years that the Play has been canceled or postponed.

You are invited to join others from ABCOPAD, and an estimated 450,000 visitors from around the world, in the small village of Oberammergau for this special Play season. You will experience the world’s largest dramatic and musical Passion Play in the beautiful Bavaria and Tyrol regions of Germany and Austria.

If you thought you missed the Passion Play in 2020, this is a rare second chance to see the event of a lifetime. Many travelers now making plans to make their journey in 2022; perhaps you would like to join the tour!

Our projected tour will be in the summer of 2022.
In addition to the Passion Play, you will enjoy 12 days in Germany, Austria, and Italy.
You'll explore Oberammergau, Innsbruck, and spend time in Venice, Florence, Assisi, and Rome.

If you are interested and wish for more information,
contact Bud Russell HERE