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Giving Tuesday 2022


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Goal: $3000

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Since March of 2020, our society and our culture has faced one significant crisis after another. Over the past 20 months, the entire planet has faced a monumental health crisis in the global pandemic. We have also experienced an ongoing economic crisis, political unrest, social justice issues, climatological catastrophes, and more. The impact of so many challenges in a short period of time has not only created stress for individuals and families, but also for local congregations. In the midst of this difficult season of life, ABCOPAD has sought to be a resource and a strong partner in ministry.

Throughout these long months, our Regional Ministry Associates, webinars, workshops, and Zoom support groups have provided support and encouragement to many church leaders across Pennsylvania and Delaware. ABCOPAD grants have provided thousands of dollars in technology grants helping local congregations develop online ministries and moving the church into a digital ecology while continuing face-to-face, analog ministry. ABCOPAD staff have sought to support and encourage pastoral leaders who have felt overwhelmed by the onslaught of rapid change. Finally, ABCOPAD has been a valuable resource for congregational leaders who are making every effort to be the distributed church in their local communities and beyond.

When you contribute to Partners In Ministry, you make it possible for our Region to be present during these challenging days. You make it possible for ABCOPAD to be a strong partner for pastors and congregational leaders.

If you’ve been giving to Partners In Ministry, THANK YOU for your donations! They have made a difference. If you’ve not made a contribution, or even if you have been giving regularly, perhaps you would consider making a donation on Giving Tuesday, November 30. You could also make an “end of year” gift.

Your donations to Partners In Ministry allow our Regional Staff and Regional Ministry Associates to serve, strengthen, support, congregations all across Pennsylvania and Delaware, even in the midst of this season of changes and challenges.

This year, on Giving Tuesday, November 29, you can offer your support to help maintain our regional ministries across Pennsylvania and Delaware. It's an opportunity to strengthen our witness. It's an occasion to partner together to fulfill Christ's mission in the world. Your financial gifts, channeled through Partners In Ministry, offer a significant way to undergird the essential work of our region.

We hope you will consider making a generous contribution to Partners In Ministry
especially on Giving Tuesday, November 29.

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