American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

2019 Palmer Grants Available to Churches,
Associations and Regional Ministries



Applications for ministry grants from the Virginia and Gordon Palmer Jr. Trust of the

American Baptist Foundation are available as of Saturday, June 1st at
The application deadline is July 15, 2019


  This grant cycle is sponsored by the Multi-Region Corporation, the cooperative organization by which your ABC Region joins with other Regions to strengthen the ministry of our churches.
  The theme for this year’s grant is: GOSPEL IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING SOCIETY: Forming Faithful Disciples for a Future Beyond the Traditional Church—Fostering innovative, creative & experiential forms of ministry. 
  The place of the church in American society and the lives of Americans has shifted dramatically in the last 30 years. Churches must identify and respond to changes in American culture, and then equip disciples, both clergy and lay, to foster innovative, creative or experiential forms of ministry. This grant encourages churches to respond to these changes.


What are some examples of projects the grant might fund?

  1. Evening gatherings in a restaurant or coffee shop for Bible study and discipleship.

  2. Region-level theological training and pastoral internship program for pastors and lay people sorting out a call to ministry who are not candidates for traditional seminary training.

  3. Orientation program and support groups for millennial and generation Z pastors and church leaders.

  4. Ministry to welcome people newly arrived to the United States and get them settled, such as a yearlong schedule of interfaith meals or language training for church members or new arrivals.

These are simply some examples to get you thinking.  Any ABCUSA church, Region, Association, or organization may apply for this grant. A single organization can receive a grant of $5000 to $25,000, and two or more partnering ABC related organizations can receive a grant of up to $50,000. One of the partnering organizations will apply for the grant and the other partnering organization will be asked to certify their participation in the project.  For more information and to apply for a grant go to


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