American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

New Year Letter from Rev. Rob Rice


If the week in between Christmas and New Years Day offers many of us a time to take a much-needed rest, that rest certainly seems short-lived, at least in my case. Starting on Monday, January 6th, I began to receive emails, phone calls, and text messages to remind me that even though Christmas Ministries were now past, a new year of ministry awaited. I've got to admit that it is nice to be back in a regular rhythm. I tend to thrive as I am looking forward to new opportunities and avenues for seeking the LORD. It is good to return to the gatherings of pastors that are sometimes placed on hold for December because of other commitments.

Just like everything else is gearing up for this new year of ministry, we are working to put together a new list of resources and opportunities for our LLC groups. In order to roll these things out and to hear from you about the state of LLC Ministry, I would like to schedule a conference call for early February. Please fill out the doodle poll below, which will help us select the best date for this meeting. Here's an idea of what we will discuss during our time together:

Books/Resources: There are some books that I am excited to share with you all as recommendations for the first few months of 2020, but I would also like to get your recommendations to share with our region. I'm also excited to share a regional focus book for the late spring that will lead into our Biennial this year.

Grants: For those groups that received grants in the fall cycle, I'd like you to briefly share about how those funds were put to use by your group during our call. If you have a photo or brief write up, please email it to me, as I'd like to highlight these grants in an upcoming Notes and News article. I'll also share some information with you about the next LLC Grant opportunity, which will target some opportunities for building relationships within your group over the summer months.


Looking forward to talking with you all in a few weeks,

Philippians 4:13