American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Panama City, Florida


Moreland Baptist Church - Muncy, PA
Preparing for Spring Mission Trip


A spring mission trip is in the planning stages. We will once again work with Aaron and Tina coordinating through the Fuller Center and doing much of the same type of work that we did in New Bern, NC last year. We are planning on flying to Panama City, FL. and the tentative dates are April 26-May 2. Panama City, Bay County was hard hit by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Mercy Chefs will be providing meals and accommodations. You may look up more information online about this area. This Hurricane was the biggest thing since Katrina in 2005. One big difference is that there is more wind damage than flood damage. Estimated costs per person at this time is $450. Please prayerfully consider if you would like to be a part of this mission trip. Contact Randy Muniz (570-447-6966) or Kim Gardner (570-772-3908) for more information.

 We are hoping to have some volunteers also go from Hepburn Baptist Church, as well as Moreland Community Church. Currently we have reserved space for 20 people. We welcome anyone to sign up and go with us!A