American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware


ABWM Regional Team

Regional Team and Appointed Positions

President/Love Gift Coordinator

 Pamela Hughes (2020)                                      435 Hampton Road                                              Mill Run, PA    15464            


  • The President's role is not that of being in charge of ABW Ministries of PA and DE, but instead that of helping the women of the region work together and communicate.  
  • The President works with the region board and all the ladies of the region to find the unique gifts God has given them.  She oversees  2 board meetings a year and presides over the Annual meeting at the Annual Conference in June. She is also the ABW Ministries representative on the ABCOPAD regional board. 
  • The President works closely with each of the regional officers and assists them in connecting the dots and creating new excitement in their part of the ministry.  This position is not one to serve in unless you want to THRIVE and help brings souls to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Being the President of this organization is a humbling but an amazing journey. 
  • The Love Gift Coordinator promotes and publicizes Love Gift, an over-and-above offering begun by American Baptist Women nearly 100 years ago to make up a deficit in a budget. Today Love Gift helps support ABC-USA's United Mission giving.
  • The coordinator provides special promotions, collections and dedication services at the Annual Conference and similar events.


Susan E. Mahserjian-Smith (2019)
1523 Smokey Corners Rd.
Williamsport, PA 17701
  • The Treasurer is the financial officer of American Baptist Women's Ministries of Pennsylvania and Delaware. She receives monies given to the organization as well as those designated for offerings and funds such as Love Gift, Region Project and similar funds.
  • The Treasurer pays bills incurred by American Baptist Women and, with the Finance Committee, develops a budget each year.

 Mission & Service Coordinator 

Paula Sommerfeldt (2019)
285 State Route 981
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

  • The Mission and Service Coordinator encourages women to include missions in their everyday lives. She should be constant in her desire to learn and grow in the area of missions and excited to share what she has learned. Always, to the best of her ability, being available to offer assistance and guidance and to answer or find answers to questions presented to her. A line of contact is to be developed between her and both the International Ministries and the American Baptist Home Mission Societies in order to keep up to date with important information concerning our missionaries both home and abroad. As much as possible, she should be attentive to new mission opportunities (local, regional, national, and global) where the ABWomen could participate. It is also very important that she work closely with the entire ABW board by sharing opinions, ideas, and skills to help keep the ministry running as smoothly as possible. Responsibilities to the board include such things as attending business meetings, preparing reports, and serving on other related committees within the ABWM. Responsibilities to all ABWomen include such things as keeping missionary information updated, sharing mission opportunities, responding to requests and questions quickly, creating educational displays and/or presentations, and above all, having a contagious enthusiasm and passion for mission and service.

White Cross Coordinator

Maureen Koeller (2020)
347 New London Road 
Newark, DE  19711
  • The White Cross Coordinator works with ABC's Board of International Ministries and American Baptist Home Mission Societies to distribute requests to the region's associations for money and supplies from missionaries in the US and around the world.
  • The coordinator also promotes projects of Church World Service and the World Relief Committee of ABC USA.


ABGirls Coordinator

Becky Crissman (2020)
1505 Garrets Run Road
Ford City, PA 16226

  • The ABGirls Coordinator helps girls from 5th grade through senior year of high school grow in their knowledge of and relationship with God through fun activities and service projects.
  • The ABGirls Coordinator works closely with the team of ABGirls president, secretary, and mission coordinators to create excitement and unity among our girls of the region.

Conference Coordinator

Jen Rice (2019)
9 West Penn Street
Muncy, PA 17756
  • The Conference Coordinator is one of the most visible positions on the ABW Ministries of Pennsylvania and Delaware board, particularly during the annual conference that is held each year during the summer.
  • The coordinator leads the Conference Committee in planning each year's conference and works closely with the conference site to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible.


Spiritual Enrichment Coordinator


 Valerie Black (2018)                                          1107 Fairview Road #19                                  S. Abingdon Twp., PA 18411     



  • The Spiritual Enrichment Coordinator focuses on helping the women of Pennsylvania and Delaware grow in their daily walk with God in many areas, including prayer, Bible study, faith development and stewardship of their money, time and talents.
  • The coordinator is the liaison for the region's EWE (Ethel Wheeler Enrichment) retreats and mini-conferences.


Thrive Grant Coordinator

Sonie Mervis (2020)
124 South
Kittanning, PA 16201
  • The Thrive Grant Coordinator is the contact person for Thrive Grant Applications and for American Baptist student loan repayments, formerly offered by ABW Ministries of Pennsylvania and Delaware.
  • She works with the Spiritual Enrichment Coordinator and TEAM to explore and approve grant applications.


Regional Registrar/Secretary

 Jodie Vasbinder (2019)
PO Box 55
Hillsdale, PA 15746
  •  The Region Registrar registers women attending the region's annual conference as well as other special events.
  •  She works closely with the President, Secretary and Coordinator of Conference to help lighten their responsibilities for special events.
  •  Serves as communications person as needed by the organization.  
  • The Secretary is the record keeper of American Baptist Women's Ministries of Pennsylvania and Delaware. She functions as the "right-hand woman" to the President by helping to provide essential information to officers and association presidents.
  • The Secretary also plays an essential role in setting up face-to-face board meetings as well as online meetings.