American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

2019 Thrive Conference Project

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Abigail Medina Betancourt, the ABHMS Puerto Rico Volunteer Coordinator, lives and serves those in the greatest need in Puerto Rico. Conference Project 2019 goes hand in hand with our regional project, Partnering With Puerto Rico. Abigail has asked us for these items which are of the greatest need. 
1. SOLAR WATER PURIFIER - These are a must in Puerto Rico where much of the water is still un-drinkable.

2. SOLAR LANTERN - These put out a great deal of light without the use of electricity.
Link to Solar Lantern on Amazon

3. Walmart and Home Depot gift cards
Gift cards are a wonderful way to help missions teams and staff with needed items at the local store.

All of these items are compact and lightweight and take up little room when being transported. With mission teams traveling to Puerto Rico almost monthly, any items that can not make the trip home with Abigail, will follow her shortly!

Bring or Bid onthe Baskets
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