American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

LLC Grant Opportunity


As a regional ministry associate, one of my primary responsibilities is to encourage LLC mentor pastors as they lead their respective groups. I strive to provide tools and resources to help them on this journey, including book lists, helpful articles, and a sounding board to talk about LLC ministry. In recent weeks, we have discussed other ways to help encourage our LLC leaders and participants, and we are blessed to have grant funds available to aid in this process. So this year, we are introducing LLC Grants for both existing and new groups to help aid groups in fulfilling the purposes of professional development, encouraging one another, and building relationships. Each LLC group is eligible to apply for a grant of up to $250 for this cycle. There will be a second grant opportunity in Spring 2020 for additional funds.

Grant funds can be used for various expenses including but not limited to: 1) Purchasing books and resources to study; 2) Providing a special meal, lunch or experience for the group to take part in; 3) Funding a mission/service project for the group to do together; 4) A combination of these things.

In order to apply for an LLC Grant, please follow the steps below ---


  1. Complete the grant form (link below) no later than October 1, 2019.

  2. Take part in a LLC Mentor Pastor Conference call in October to discuss your plans for LLC ministry this year. (If you are not available for this call, email Rob Rice ( to schedule a time to discuss LLC ministry.

  3. Provide a report and pictures of your group after monies are spent. List how the monies were spent and the impact they had in furthering your vision and goals for your LLC ministry.


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