American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Children’s Disaster Services Volunteer Workshop


Volunteer Workshop
February 22 - 23, 2019
5:00 PM Friday – 6:30 PM Saturday
United Presbyterian Church
62 Hastings Street
Oakdale, PA 15071

CDS provides specialized training for all of its volunteers. The CDS Volunteer Workshop is a comprehensive 27-hour workshop that uses applied, experiential activities to help the participants integrate their learning.
Workshop includes:
  • Types and phases of disaster
  • Children
  • Their needs after a disaster
  • Responding to them in a healing manner
  • Using play to begin emotional recovery
  • CDS Centers
  • Setup and operation
  • Safety procedures
  • Self care on site and after returning home
  • A shelter simulation
Downloadable Information and Documents ---

CDS Brochure.pdf

CDS Schedule.pdf 

CDS Registration Form with details.pdf