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FBC Franklin and Mustard Seed Ministry


  Pastor Randy Powell (FBC Franklin) send this update and pictures of Mustard Seed Ministry.

Pastor Randy reported:  On November 13th we had a meeting in Crawford County with their Human Services Dept. and a bunch of pastors/lay leaders that they've invited to hear about what has been going on here in Venango County, hopefully it'll inspire some of them to start down the path toward a cooperative outreach effort.  

We calculated our total man-hours of volunteer time for the first 300 Mustard Seed Missions client referrals, the number exceed 6,000 hours, the county was pretty excited to have data like that for their commissioners to hear about. They've also decided to fund us with a 20k per year grant to help with overhead expenses (that should cover 2/3 or more of them, big help) because they can justify that those dollars are being multiplied at least four-fold to help people locally.

Some of the pictures are of the Elk st. project, the others I just gleaned from past work sites including our group of teens from the Episcopal Churches of Ohio (near Cleveland) that have come here the past two summers for a work week.  If you ever need any more pictures, we take new ones all the time.  

Pastor Randy Powell
First Baptist Church of Franklin
1041 Liberty St. Franklin, PA 16323


Categories: Ministries ~ Date: 12/14/2014
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