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COVID: New Direction Bible Fellowship


Kanita Benson, Director of Evangelism and Missions at New Direction Bible Fellowship, Wilmington, led a multi-week online interactive seminar on multi-cultural evangelism and missions. Those participating in the seminar included people from her own church, as well as folk from Idaho, New York City, Los Angeles, and also a couple from Argentina! Kanita shared a lot of stats regarding spiritually unreached people in our country and around the world.

A few "take-aways" included:

  • when the church (locally and globally) has lost its identity the world will place an identity upon it
  • if the world is lost, we are the means by which it finds its salvation
  • if you take missions out of the Bible, all you have left is the cover
  • our God is a global God, He is not just for America but for the whole world
  • prayer does not fit us for a greater work, prayer is the greater work
  • trauma will be the Number 1 mission field in the 21st century


Categories: General, Region Life ~ Date: 4/19/2020
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