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Brendan Byham Ordination


Jefferson Baptist Church gathered for the Ordination and Installation of Pastor Brendan Byham (and his wife, Rhetta). It was a WONDERFUL service and ceremony. (Pastor Brendan has been serving the church since the end of last summer.)


Several Ten Mile Baptist Association Churches and their pastors were present. Additionally, various significant individuals in Pastor Brendan's faith journey participated in the service, from the President of his seminary in Pittsburgh, to a fellow pastor, to his mentor pastor, to his mother and brother. All that wanted to came forward to lay hands on Brendan for prayer did so.


Jeffrey Johnson shared the ordination vows, presented the ordination certificate, and extended the right hand of fellowship into the ranks of the ordained to the Rev. Bendan Byham.

by Bud Russell Categories: General, Region Life ~ Date: 1/15/2020