American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson Health Update


Dear ABCOPAD Family,

Last night the members of the ABCOPAD Board met in a GoToMeeting call to formulate the 2019 Budget as well as to address a number of other matters of business. One of those items was an update on the health of Dr. Jeff Johnson, our Regional Pastor with Congregations. As you know, Jeff has been struggling with pain in his feet over the last few months and has needed to limit the amount of travel throughout the region in order to go through a regimen of therapy in the hopes of addressing the condition. Last night at our meeting, we read the following statement from Jeff to the members of the Regional Board and we now have Jeff’s permission to share it with you, as well.

Jeff writes:
After months believing Jeff's feet problems were a result of an injury that just wouldn't heal, after subsequent extensive testing, Jeff has been diagnosed with a neuro-muscular disease that causes extreme pain in his lower extremities and difficulties with stability and mobility. After several subsequent months of physical therapy and medication regimens that have provided minimal benefits, and yet caused problems of their own, Jeff is now scheduled to undergo two spinal chord surgeries after the start of the new year with the expected outcome being the relief of the pain and return to mobility.

Update - 12/13:
Jeff writes: 
My first surgery will now be NEXT Friday, December 21, 2018, moved up from January. We saw another surgeon yesterday and all decided there was no reason to wait any longer, there was a slot opened, so we will go with it. If this first surgery goes well, then around mid-January I will have the second, more extensive, more permanent operation. 

Needless to say, the members of the Board were overwhelmed by the news and the expressions of support and affirmation for Jeff in the midst of this time of challenge were significant. We prayed for him and for his family, and we ask you to do the same in these coming days. As more news is made available, and as we are permitted to share it with you, be assured that we will do so. For now we ask you to be in prayer for our brother and for his family, entrusting them to the One who is Emmanuel, ‘God with us’.

Sincerely in Christ,
Doug and Frank