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2018 Mission Trip To Nicaragua

AMOS Cyber Box & Library Mission Project
April 13 - 22, 2018

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Nicaragua Mission 2018

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” American Baptist medical missionaries Dr. David and Dr. Laura Parajon have committed their lives to serving the people of Nicaragua. They started AMOS, A Mission Of Sharing, Health and Hope, which allows them broader avenues for service. ABCOPAD and ABC-NYS have partnered with them over the past three years in the “Waters of Blessing” campaign to bring clean water to those who live throughout Nicaragua, particularly those deep in the country who receive few government services. This mission focus has been very successful. By improving health, other needs come to the surface.

The young people from poor communities have no opportunities to learn how to use computers. In this world, computer knowledge is a requirement for most jobs, especially those with better earning options. Dr. Laura has asked if we would be able to assist in bringing hope and education to the youth of Nicaragua by designing and building a computer classroom, complete with a minimum of three computers for teaching computer skills to the youth.

There is a second pressing need that pairs with the computer lab; the need to provide a library for the community. Books are not readily available to the people of Nicaragua. A program exists to set up a core library of 500 books and provide a librarian to manage the collection and assist the people of the community.

By improving the health of the very young through reducing anemia and bringing awareness of dietary and health needs to the community, it was expected that the statistics collected by the health teams would show remarkable improvement in these young children. But the health community discovered that these small children lack stimulation and are not learning basic skills. They are not being taught their letters, numbers, colors, and the basics that we expect to happen state-side. They lack toys, books, and stimulating interaction.

The request is this: would we please turn a shipping container into a computer classroom/library and provide VBS for a community including teaching moms how to make stimulating toys for their little ones and show them how to interact with their children through books.

“Dream big dreams for God and pray outrageous prayers”

What we will need:

  • 1 - 8’ x 40’ shipping container; the insulation, wallboard, windows, doors, and solar panels to build it
  • Funding for the library program offered in Nicaragua
  • Books specifically for the very young; toy ideas that are simple and free or inexpensive to make
  • People who are willing to serve and partner with those living in Nicaragua
  • Funding: probably between $30,000 and $40,000 for the project
  • PRAYER, really this is first, last, and in between 
There is a core group of people who feel called to this mission but we cannot do this without your prayers and financial support. We have fallen in love with the people of Nicaragua. Dr. Laura tells us that when we come to their country, we bring HOPE. We pray that you will partner with us as you are able.   God bless.  Sally Perry

Downloadable Document: AMOS : A Ministry of Sharing Health and Hope